Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The House is Done!!!!!!

I am very happy to say that aside from a few projects Steve and I still have, the house is done! The builder is coming back one more time to fix something, but otherwise, construction is complete. So exciting!!!

Here are the most recent pictures:

We haven't painted the outside yet. Steve and his friend are supposed to be doing that. I gave them a 4 month deadline before I hire someone. (I may need to shorten that deadline.)

I LOVE this room so much! These pictures don't do it justice. We have one more animal and the TV to mount. I also need to find something to put on the top shelf in my kitchen. 

We are going to use some of the scrap wood from the porch beams to build headboards. 

The shower doors just went in today and I love them!

Davis is obsessed with his room. If you come over, be prepared to be shown 
his digs no less than 15 times a day.

The guest room is so cute; now I need new bedding for our room. 
This room will also have a headboard.

We used some of the aforementioned (impressed with that word???) scrap wood to build 3 tables with galvanized pipes as the legs. I love how they turned out. 

This table is huge! I wanted a table that could seat 10-12 and we nailed it.

Since we had to buy two slabs of stone for our countertops (which are amazing!), we had a couple extra pieces, so we made an outdoor counter and another little table on wheels in case we need a serving table. Our grill will be worked into this also and form a little outdoor kitchen. 

My parents were in town and after a 4-wheeler ride, they returned to tell us they had selected the spot for the house they would like us to build them. We offered them our tent to pitch out there. Not sure why they didn't think that was sufficient. Snobs.

So now that it is done, let us know when you want to come visit. We have no shortage of booze, I cook a lot, and you can shoot stuff. What more could you ask for???

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Quick Update

I don't feel like writing, so I'm not going to. I can do whatever I want; it's a free country! (Remember that one? Do kids still say that?)

Anyhoo......the house is coming together so I wanted to show the latest pictures to those who care. If you don't care, feel free to close this window right now. It's a free country.

Because I don't feel like writing, I won't be telling you exactly what everything is. I figure you are somewhat intelligent and can figure it out for yourself.

Here we go: