Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Real Pictures from Inside the Human Body

I thought I would post our first baby pictures today.  Hold on to your seats....they are thrilling.

Steve was not convinced that I was in fact pregnant and that there were no complications until I went to the doctor to be "diagnosed."  After reminding him that this is a baby, not cancer, I went in a week after I found out (so I went to my first appointment at 6 weeks).  Not until I started reading the books, did I learn that most normal people don't go until around 10 weeks.  Guess that explains the first two images I was given to prove to my husband that I was pregnant and everything was okay.

I showed them to Steve and asked him if he could tell which part was the embryo.  He pointed to the black dot, obvious choice.  He was close, but it is actually the tiny white dot within the black dot.  Impressed?  Me neither.  The one thing that did impress me though was that there was only ONE black dot and ONE white dot.  (Steve's mom has twin brothers so I was a teensy bit nervous.)

At the first doctor's appointment, Dr. Mundy mentioned several times that Steve needed to come to the second appointment.  I assumed he needed to ask about his family's medical history and talk about a game plan.  Instead, my poor husband took off work only to speak 2 words to my dear doctor.  Dr. Mundy is a very low-key, relaxed, friendly man which suits our personalities perfectly.  If he was dramatic or excitable at all, I would be finding a new doctor STAT.

The one good thing that came from Steve attending the doctor's appointment (except that he got to witness his first pap smear and has told everyone he got to do so...thanks dear) was that he got to see the first ultrasound that actually showed us something.  The little guy or gal was very active; waving its little arms at us.  Unfortunately, the ultrasound tech didn't capture a very good picture compared to what we saw on screen.

The baby's head is on the right, arms in the middle and feet to the left.  Oh, and that pink stripe going down the right side?  That's the sign that the printer was running out of paper.  Thanks for changing the roll for us!  Not like it's our first picture of our baby or anything!  Really, no biggie.  This is totally something we can relive.  REALLY?!?!?!?  I am really hoping dear, sweet Dr. Mundy will do our next ultrasound.  Especially since I would like to know the sex and you can't tell if I am having a baby or a kidney bean in this picture.


  1. Were you able to tell by the first ultrasound or the second? You are quite experienced at this.

  2. When is your next ultrasound? My ultrasound tech (who happens to be one of my best friends...bonus!) could tell Jax was a boy at 15 weeks. Well, I could actually tell too. That boy was not shy at all :) So excited for you and Steve!

  3. Please! Normal people don't go at 10 weeks, normal new moms want to go at 6 weeks! And I knew it was the white dot :) (S)He's beautiful!