Saturday, March 31, 2012

The New Plan

I know, I know.  I make a lot of plans...and then revise them.

Plan #1:  Don't have children and travel the world with my husband.
Revision to Plan #1:  Be a stay at home mommy (for the time being) and bring the little guy along on our worldly travels.  (We are headed to Paris, Costa del Mar Spain, Gibraltar, and Morocco in a month.)

Plan #2:  Only gain 25-30 lbs during my pregnancy, which is the healthy amount to gain.
Revision to Plan #2:  In the last month of pregnancy, blow up into a blimp.  I went from gaining one pound a week to about 4 pounds a week.  Ended up gaining 40 lbs total.

Plan #3:  Train for the Chicago half marathon on June 9 to lose my baby weight.
Revision to Plan #3:  Take things a little slower and train for a 5k and 10k here in Houston first, then run a half.

I am beginning to wonder why I even make plans.  Maybe I should just start with the revisions.

The latest revision (Plan #3) happened because I have been extremely lazy and have not even started training.  When I looked at a calendar and realized that June 9th is only 11 weeks out, I saw that plan slipping through my fingers.  Then, I talked to some runners and after telling them about my current exercise regimen (which doesn't exist), they advised me to take it a little slower.  Steve is going to train with me, so we will have to hold each other accountable.  FYI: I have 15 of the 40 lbs left, and I don't think nursing alone will get the job done.  

The next problem I have is what to do with the baby while I train.  I got a jogging stroller specifically for this but it isn't recommended to run with a baby until they are 6 months old.  The stroller is car seat compatible, so he should have plenty of neck support...I'll have to check with the pediatrician.

In the meantime, I am trying to shop for Paris and Spain because A) I don't fit in any of my clothes yet, and B) even if I did fit in them, I am bored with my wardrobe.  I just hate the idea of spending a bunch of money on a "fat girl" wardrobe.  Oh, baby mama problems.

For those of you who supported Kristi (not me, my friend who was on CBS This Morning for her Pinterest party) but didn't see her segment, here is the link:  Aint no party like a Pinterest party, cause a Pinterest party don't stop!