Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What else do I need to know?????

So Davis started this new routine of being really whiny at night.  I was getting nervous that it was colic because the research I had done said it normally is at its worst in the evenings.  Then, Saturday night, he started crying around 6, and cried, and cried, and cried....for over 2 hours.  Poor Steve was trying everything in his power to calm him down while I was trying not to cry myself. 

Then something magical happened.  I was texting with a dear friend of mine and told her what was going on.  She then told me about these drops you can give babies to relieve them of gas and that she had to use them a ton with her son.  I immediately raced to Walgreens and bought some drops in hopes it would help my poor little guy. 
By the time I gave him the drops, he was so upset that it still took quite awhile to calm him down, but his cries quickly transformed from screams of pain to wails of anger.  I can live with anger, the pain cries were painful for me! 

After telling a friend about this, it became apparent that almost everyone knew about these miracle drops.  Am I the only one who didn't know about them????  Apparently.

So here's my question:

What else do I need to know that will help my baby be happy????????

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  1. Drape him over your knees and rub his back while the pressure from your knees helps relieve gas from his belly, the "I LOVE YOU" belly rub = I down the left side of the belly then an upside down L starting from the top left side of his tummy, then an upside down U from the bottom left side of belly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RaMv4smzO4. Do bicycles with his legs :) Swaddling a screaming baby is torture, but if you can get through the swaddling, once he's swaddled and has a hat on, they usually do seem to enjoy the comfort! Eventually warm baths help on those 6-8pm fussy periods. Yay for motherhood, it's like a college crash course without a book! You're already a pro, just believe in yourself.