Thursday, March 22, 2012

Help out my friend...

My friend Kristi (not me, a girl in Chicago who happens to have my name and spell it the same exact way) is one of those people that seems to come out on top in every situation.  Don't believe me, here are some examples:

1.  She was cast on the Bachelor.  Unfortunately for her, it was the season of Bachelor Bob and so, needless to say, she didn't find true love.  Still, who gets to experience something like that?!?!

2.  She has two ridiculously gorgeous children who were both born early with incredibly quick deliveries (this will resonate more with my readers who are moms). 

3.  She started a blog, which was then noticed by her local newspaper,who approached her to write a weekly column (which turned into 2 columns), for which they were happy to pay her. 

4.  Most recently, she thew a Pinterest party for her girlfriends.  Allow me to explain: She prepared loads of yummy appetizers she discovered on Pinterest, decorated with ideas she found on Pinterest, wore a dress she found on Pinterest, and asked each guest to bring a Pinterest craft complete with all of the supplies it would require and instructions.  They then had a "white elephant" type gift exchange with all of the crafts.  She then blogged about this party, and someone else wrote about it on another blog, and low and behold, CBS's new morning show read one of the posts and asked her if she would consider throwing another party that they could come out and film and do an entire segment on.  So, that is happening this weekend.

If you aren't saying, "come on, really?" yet, then you clearly do not have the jealousy issues that I have.  (Of course this jealousy lies just below my joy that my friend gets to have such great experiences.)

Oh, and have I mentioned that she is gorgeous? 

OK, here's how you can help.  Do me and the other Kristi a favor and "like" her blog's fan page on Facebook. Here's the link:
Also, go visit her blog here:  and become a follower.  She is hoping that with all of this exposure that she will get the attention of the powers that be who pay you to post ads on your blog.  (Isn't that just the icing on the cake of all of this???  I'm really happy for her....really.)

Sincerely, Kristi is an amazingly funny girl (if you like my humor, you will love her) and her kids didn't fall far from the tree.  I guarantee you will love her blog.

Now Kristi and I need to have a discussion about some kickbacks.  (The other Kristi...I don't plan to talk to myself about this.)

Thanks friends!!!

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