Monday, November 14, 2011

Post Halloween Wrap-up

Steve and I are not huge Halloween people.  By this I mean, we live in a neighborhood with only 3 children, so we turn off our porch light and hide in the living room so we don't have to hand out candy.  Also, what we decide to "be" depends entirely on what we have in the house and will require the least amount of effort and investment.  (Not sure what that says about us for this year's costume though.) 

With just one quick trip to Wal-Mart and pulling out some of Steve's hunting clothes, we were able to quickly and easily transform into white trash.
Steve already had the camouflage and I already had the wife-beater (I did cut it up did not look like that before), the trucker hat, and the cut-off shorts.  Wal-mart provided the AC/DC shirt and the tattoos.  I gave myself a white trash perm (just add moose and hairspray to straight hair and pretend it looks pretty) and caked on the makeup.  We decided I DEFINITELY needed the rose tattoo on my boob (which a surprising amount of people thought was real...) and, although no one got to see it because of the cold weather, a tramp stamp.  Steve went patriotic with a huge eagle tattoo on his arm.  I also bought some fake cigarettes and was tempted to carry around a vodka bottle filled with water but instead opted for this prop:
If we had 7-11 (the king of all convenience stores) here, it would have been a Super Big Gulp, but this option allowed me to enjoy a tasty cherry lime-ade.  There were other props, such as Steve's pack of Red Man, that were not highlighted but definitely were not overlooked. 

We didn't stay too long because, well, I am pregnant, boring, and tired all the time.  I have found that certain things just aren't as much fun when you are the only sober person.  Things like: Happy Hour, Tailgating, Church (hehe...just wanted to make sure you were paying attention), and Parties. 

However, when weighing the options of weather to give my child fetal alcohol syndrome or to be the only sober person at a party, tailgate, or church, it is an easy choice, and I would rather just go to bed early. 

Now I am already thinking of costumes for the little guy next year.  He won't be walking yet, but who of the best parts of having kids is all of the Halloween candy....right?  That's what the brochure said. 

Here are a couple of ideas I have seen:
Clark is that you? (how cute is this?)
This might be better in a few years.

Guess what the little guy will be next year...
I ABSOLUTELY love this!

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