Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pin Me

Are you addicted to Pintrest yet?  If not, sign up for an account and you will have wasted away hours of your day in what feels like 5 minutes.  Most of the baby's room has been inspired by Pintrest, the tree was purchased through Pintrest, and my latest craft is no exception.  I saw this the other day and had to make it.  Who knew I was so crafty?

It's just an old frame we were going to throw away, scrapbook paper cut into the birds I drew, and ribbon.  I think it came out pretty darn cute.  Here it is with the rest of the stuff on that wall of the room.
I added the green pillow just to add some color (although I'm not sure if I love it...I'd really prefer orange) and the banner (also inspired by Pintrest) was made by one of Steve's co-workers who hosted an office baby shower for us last Friday night.  Look what else we got that night...

Is that not the cutest diaper cake you have ever seen?!?!?!?  He's riding a 4-wheeler which is so perfect for us.  His office was also kind enough to get us a newborn photography session for after the little man arrives.  My plan is to hang a canvas family photo over the crib.  He is very excited for his modeling debut....I can tell.  Next I will have to start scouring Pintrest and Etsy (yeah, that's another good site) for newborn hats he can wear for his pictures.

I have made several recipes from Pintrest too, so Steve is really getting behind my new addiction.  He sits over my shoulder mocking me for spending so much time on the site and then sees something he likes and says, "Oh, what's that?  Wonder what that would taste like."  I take the hint, and it makes the menu for the following week. 

I'm pretty sure we are hosting the office Christmas party again this year, and I have already found some great decoration ideas that will allow me to re-use some of the decorations we had at the wedding.  I will get started on those right away though so I don't panic at the last minute like I did last year. 

I swear, where has Pintrest been all my life?  Did I mention there is an iPhone app too so I don't ever have to be disconnected...

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