Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's all coming together.

Over the weekend I ventured to the Kate Spade outlet to see what they had in terms of baby bags.  My mom gives me a hard time because I am willing to spend more on the baby bag than the crib...which may be true, but let me explain. 

First, I love Kate Spade; her designs are so classy and clean.  The Kate Spade bag I bought back when I was working for Steve and being paid in handbags, is by far the best purse I have ever owned.  The other thing is that since I will be carrying a diaper bag, I won't also be carrying a handbag, which means I need a nice diaper bag.  Get it?  Good.

At the end of last week I received an email from Kate Spade herself saying that she views me as part of her friends and family and wanted to give me a 30% discount to use over the weekend because she loves me so much.  She is so sweet.  Then, when I got there the sales girl said they were offering 30% off some items and double 30% off another part of the store.  With my 30% gift from Kate, that means triple 30% off! 

My heart started to race, my hands got clammy, and I started to go nuts.  But, I put things back and I ended up with a diaper bag, a handbag, a pair of sunglasses and a makeup case.  Here's the best part....all 4 of those items together cost less than the handbag would have been regularly priced....and it was the most expensive item. 
Diaper Bag

   handbag at triple 30% off!

Look how cute it is!

Steve said this bag is too feminine and requested a camouflage backpack for the times he will be alone and out with the baby.  Being the good wifey I am, I found one and here is his diaper bag.

I have also completed the nursery for the time being.  The tree came in on Saturday and I finally got Steve to help me hang it last night.  My original plan was to have my brother-in-law paint a tree so we could customize it, but when Steve heard that you can buy a decal that will just peel off the wall, he wanted nothing to do with painting. 

I am pretty happy with how it turned out but it took a hour and a half to hang and I wish we could have worked the tree around the furniture, but instead we have to work the furniture around the tree (I had to move the crib over because of a low-hanging'll see in the pictures).  It came in about 17 pieces and needed to be peeled and put together one by one.  Also, the dimensions weren't listed anywhere on the paperwork, so about 20 minutes were spent trying to see how it would fit.  I figure by the time we are ready to take the tree down, we would be ready to get rid of the blue walls anyway...but oh well...what's done is done. 

I'm very glad we went with the brown because you can hardly see the white birds against the light walls.

All I know is that with the stress of putting up that tree, baby Callaway's first words better be, "thank you for my beautiful tree; it really ties the room together," or he will be going to bed with no dinner. 

"Unrealistic expectations party of one, your table is now available."

Gotta run, time to eat.

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