Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Recently, Davis has been complaining that his room is scary and his window is scary. He is in a "scary" phase.  Music on the radio is scary...even soft ballads, the front door is scary, toys are scary, mommy is scary when she's angry.  None of those, except for the last one, are scary at all.  Given all of that, when he repeatedly tells me his room and window are scary, I think he is being dramatic and tell him there is nothing to be afraid of.

For the last month or two, we have been finding poop on our back patio (directly downstairs from Davis' window) and have no idea who is putting it there.

I'm no poop specialist, but I can tell that it is coming from a small animal like the size of a cat or raccoon.  It is usually in his kiddie pool which is full of water since it has been raining a lot, (before you can ask, yes I clean it with soap before I let him play in it) so that had me doubting that the mystery pooper was a cat. I mean, honestly, would a cat poop in water?  How would he even do that?  Do cats know how to hover?  I guess if it was a girl cat, it might know how, but what if it was a boy cat?  If a cat pooped in water, would it kick the water to try to cover it's poop the way it does kitty litter?  I have so many questions!

OK, fast forward to last night.  Annoyed with my drama-queen of a son, Steve and I laid in bed watching TV and heard what sounded like a cat being killed slowly.  It wasn't dying a quiet death either.  I'm surprised you couldn't hear it at your house...even those of you reading this from India.  (Yes, I have international readers....this blog is a really big deal.)  It was this loud, low-pitched, howl/meow.  I remember, when I was a kid, my cat used to give that meow when he wanted to be left alone, was being threatened by another cat, or was just being an a-hole, as cats can often be.  Just another reason I love cats; I get them.

It sounded like the dying cat was outside of our window, but Steve got up to investigate and said it was coming from the back yard.  Could this be the mystery pooper?  Was he wanting privacy while pooping?  Was he telling another cat to scram so he could drop the kids off at the pool (literally in this case)?  Does he need more fiber in his diet and was having a tough time at it?

No matter the reason, now I feel like the a-hole because I have been ignoring my 2 year old's fears of his window, meanwhile he is living above what appears to be a feline torture chamber.

Still killing it as a mom 365!  

Friday, August 1, 2014

Parenting 101

Lately I have been knocking it out of the park with my parenting.  I am just waiting for the phone call from the powers that be offering me a book deal to share my parenting secrets.  I don't think it would be too much to say my son is extremely lucky to have me.

Before my major book deal (I'm thinking a series of about 3-4 books) comes in, I thought I would share some of my most recent parenting wins with you, my friends.

Teaching your child to eat a balanced and healthy diet is incredibly important.

Yep, that's Chick-fil-a sauce he is eating directly off his finger.  I stopped the 
video just before he picked up the container and attempted to drink it.  

Killing it over here.