Thursday, August 18, 2011

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

Is it bad that I want our baby to look just like this when he is born?
Well, except a white version, of course, or I would have a lot of explaining to do.

This was one of the many pictures hanging in my doctor's exam room and it made me laugh out loud.  I have NEVER seen that much hair on a baby that young.  What a cute little boy too! (I think it's a boy...)  Maybe if I rub some Rogaine on my stomach he will come out with a head full of luscious locks like that little one.  Either that or I will end up with a hairy belly.

That brings me to my next question.  Does anyone have a belly cream they recommend to prevent stretchmarks?  Who knows if they really work, but I am going to try everything just in case.

Another question.  Should I rename my blog?  If so, (sorry I didn't warn you this was a two-parter) what should I call it?  We plan to buy another investment property in the next month or so, but that really isn't the main focus of this blog anymore.

Final question.  Why the heck haven't you clicked on the "follow" button yet?????  (Disregard this question and go back to #2 if you have completed this step.)  It's not like you get spam mail or anything for doing it.  It's even free.  I would do it for you!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The verdict is in....

That's's a boy! 

Very long story made short; my new doctor found something concerning and had me go see a specialist the next day.  While there, they did several ultrasounds and were able to see the sex.  I was not expecting for this to happen because, along with the several other things my old doctor was wrong about, he also gave me an incorrect due date and had me too far along.  I'm no mathematician, but my due date has moved up 2 days (Feb 6th now), but I am only 15 weeks along, not 17.  I'm not even going to pretend to understand, instead I will just be thankful that I changed doctors.

I called Steve when I left the appointment to tell him everything was okay, but didn't tell him I found out the sex.  Instead, I went to the store and bought some boy things (I desperately looked for hunting or fishing stuff but had no luck and didn't want to drive all the way to Bass Pro), and told him the way you just watched.  My husband is a VERY even-tempered man, so that was a big reaction for him.  I think it's safe to say, he is excited. 

Here are some more pictures of our little man:
 Side View.  He has gotten bigger in the last couple weeks.  Looks like I'm going to start getting bigger cause he is running out of room.
 Our little alien face.  Look at that big brain in there though, I think he's already a genius.
 Stretching out his long arms.  Something tells me this boy is gonna be tall.
In case you missed his "Big Schlong" (as Steve calls it), I pointed the pen at it for ya.

Before you ask, he doesn't have a name yet.  Steve and I are very open to selling the rights to his name for $50,000.  If you are interested in this investment (go look at the brain picture again), please let me know.  You could be looking at the genitals of a future president or the man who will find the cure for cancer....just sayin'.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Watch out for that large angry woman!

One thing I have learned through all of this is that you don't mess with a pregnant woman, cause she won't take it.  This week, I experienced a level of anger I have never experienced before.  In hindsight, it may not have been worthy of this title, but at the time, I could not be reasoned with.  Poor Steve just had to bite his tongue and agree with me.

Here's the scoop:

Remember my post about my doctor and his co-workers?  Well, I think that tipped everything off.  I was already unhappy about my rushed ultrasound, the confusion about how far along I actually am, and Steve taking off work to come for the doctor speak all of 2 words to him; and so the coming events just made matters worse. 

I had an appointment scheduled for last Monday but had to reschedule it because it was my first day of work and thought it would be poor form to already need time off.  They moved it to this Wednesday and then I got a phone call from the doctor's PA asking if I could reschedule and moved it to last Thursday.  This was not ideal due to work but my boss insisted that it was OK.  I asked her when rescheduling if it would be better to meet the following week because it may be easier to do the gender ultrasound.  She then asked if anyone had called me to schedule it.  Excuse me?  Why would that need to happen?  I have already had 2 ultrasounds done in the office and you told me, and I quote, "WE do the gender ultrasound at 16 weeks."  She explained that they do that ultrasound off-site and a separate appointment would need to be scheduled for that.  Lovely, just more time off at my brand new biggie.  Grrrrrr....

Still annoyed by this new development, I talked to a college friend of mine who told me that she is also expecting.  This is so exciting!  We can go through this together and then our babies can be little buddies!  My complete joy for my friend wore off a little when she told me that she is at 7 weeks and they heard the heartbeat that day.  Huh?????  You did what?????  My doctor hasn't even attempted to hear the heartbeat yet.  I thought this was normal.  This isn't normal????  I want to hear the heartbeat!  Why haven't I heard the heartbeat????  I saw it flashing at me, why didn't she turn up the volume??????  She then told me that her brother (who's wife is exactly as far along as I am) found out the gender 2 days ago.  I was now beginning to see red.  Why am I being short-changed all of these experiences???? 

Steve noticed the small drops of sweat forming on my brow due to my rage and asked what was wrong.  After I explained that I wanted a new doctor STAT, he said I may be overreacting.  I immediately got on facebook and explained my situation to 2 of my pregnant friends and they supported me 200%.  I said, "See Steve, I'm not crazy!  They agree with me completely.  This doctor is as good as fired!"  And so he, very wisely, began to agree with me.  I did agree to go to the appointment and try to speak to the doctor.  If I wasn't satisfied, I would collect my medical records and be on my way. 

The day of my appointment approached and I received a phone call from the lovely PA that morning, asking if I could move the appointment up an hour.  I explained that I can't just leave work whenever I want, but I would try.  A co-worker was sitting in my office when I got this call and could tell I was annoyed.  When I explained the situation, she immediately said, "Get rid of that doctor and go to mine.  I LOVED my doctor.  It was the most amazing experience."  She explained to me all of the great things about her doctor and how she is affiliated with Texas Children's Hospital and so (God forbid we needed it) we would get in with no problems.  SOLD!   

I made an appointment with this new doctor and then called my current doctor letting them know that I wouldn't be making my appointment but would be by to pick up my medical records before they closed.  They put me on the phone with the PA who proceeded to start every sentence with "Sweetie."  If I could have, I would have reached through the phone and injured this girl.  First of all, don't use pet names with people you don't know....huge pet peeve of mine.  Secondly, if someone is upset and you start doing this, you sound like the condescending biotch that you are.  The rage returned. 

When I got to the office, the nice lady at the front desk informed me that it would be $25 for my medical records.  However, it would have been free if I had asked them to fax them to my new doctor.  EXCUSE ME??????  Don't you think that is information this good-for-nothing PA should have told me on the phone??????  I literally almost lost it at this point, and she could obviously tell, because she handed me my records and told me not to worry about it.  She agreed that the PA should have told me about this.  Ya think?!?!?!?

So, I have my appointment with my new doctor tomorrow afternoon and I am praying and crossing my fingers that I will not only get to hear the heartbeat, but will also find out the gender.  Since this is most likely the only time I will be pregnant, I don't want to miss out on things....dang it!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sir, is there supposed to be rodent feces in my soup?

Steve and I watch a lot of Kitchen Impossible and Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and it is amazing/frightening what goes on in some of these restaurants.  I am terrified that one of these days we will be watching and a restaurant I have eaten at will be featured.  9.9 times out of 10 there are some commonalities between these failing restaurants.

1.  The owners are lazy, cheap, clueless, egomaniacs.  90% of them have no idea how to cook and none of them know how to run a business.  Let's not even get me started on how they manage people either.  FYI, you run a restaurant, you don't cure cancer for a living....let's bring it down just a peg.   

2.  Part of their laziness spills into the filth of their kitchens.  My stomach turns when they show most of these kitchens that have never been cleaned.  I worked in a restaurant for 4 years and know how the kitchen can get messy throughout service, but what exactly is your excuse for not cleaning at the end of the night????

3.  They use cheap/frozen/canned ingredients.  How can you call yourself a chef when all you do is open a can and heat up the contents?  I am far from a chef, but I do more cooking than a lot of these "restaurant chefs" do. 

4.  The menu is wayyyy too big.  Unless you are at Cheesecake Factory, most big menus are overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time.  Why not master a few things?  It will also cut down on prep time and ingredients costs. 

5.  The food doesn't taste good.  See numbers 3 and 4.

6.  The decor is outdated and/or dark and gloomy.  Hey guys, it's 2011, let's liven things up.  Yes, the 80's and 90's were great, but we've moved should you.

So, if you own a restaurant, just watch a few episodes of either of these shows, be very honest with yourself and see if you are doing the same.  If so, change immediately! 

I'm glad this blog isn't too big time...yet... though, because these shows are great entertainment and I don't want them to quit filming new ones.