Thursday, August 18, 2011

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

Is it bad that I want our baby to look just like this when he is born?
Well, except a white version, of course, or I would have a lot of explaining to do.

This was one of the many pictures hanging in my doctor's exam room and it made me laugh out loud.  I have NEVER seen that much hair on a baby that young.  What a cute little boy too! (I think it's a boy...)  Maybe if I rub some Rogaine on my stomach he will come out with a head full of luscious locks like that little one.  Either that or I will end up with a hairy belly.

That brings me to my next question.  Does anyone have a belly cream they recommend to prevent stretchmarks?  Who knows if they really work, but I am going to try everything just in case.

Another question.  Should I rename my blog?  If so, (sorry I didn't warn you this was a two-parter) what should I call it?  We plan to buy another investment property in the next month or so, but that really isn't the main focus of this blog anymore.

Final question.  Why the heck haven't you clicked on the "follow" button yet?????  (Disregard this question and go back to #2 if you have completed this step.)  It's not like you get spam mail or anything for doing it.  It's even free.  I would do it for you!


  1. oh and um... need to think about the blog title rename. the brain isn't working so good today. also i didn't use stretch mark cream but i heard coconut butter is supposed to work?? not sure, thank god I never got stretch marks!!