Thursday, September 8, 2011

I didn't fall off the face of the earth....

I'm just a busy lady.  Here is a brief recap:

-Had my last fight with AT&T resulting in setting a date for the termination of our Internet contract.

-Forgot about the quickly approaching date, and wondered why I couldn't get online.

-Remembered 2 days later that I had it canceled.

-Started using my iPhone to check Facebook and to read people's blogs, but did not want to tackle typing a post on that touch screen.

-Went to another doctor's appointment where we learned everything with little Mr. Callaway is going smoothly and that I need to eat more.  YES MA'AM!  Apparently, I lost a pound...pretty sure I have taken care of that though.


-Fulfilled my every, single craving, indulgence, whim, bad choice.

-Finally started to get in the swing of things at work, and then got very stressed with the thought of the launch date quickly approaching.

-Visited my family in Florida.  Saw my Nanny (mom's mom) who has Alzheimer's, and my uncle and 2 aunts on my mom's side.  It was a great visit.  Unfortunately, I don't get to that part of Florida very much to visit.

-Made a promise to myself to get better at that.

-Also visited my aunt, uncle, cousins, nephew, and grandma on my dad's side at the river.  My dad brought the boat down from Ohio and so he, Steve, and my uncle did lots of bass fishing.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch...hahaha, we girls did girl stuff.  In my case, this involved reading (I started The Help because I want to read it before I see the movie), eating, floating, eating, sleeping, eating, struggling to put on a pair of shorts that used to be too big, ripping them off and putting on another sundress, and eating some more.  It was glorious!

-Had the launch of in Houston that kicked off with GREAT success.

-Signed some other great deals for this month.

-Took a picture of my baby bump.

-Signed up for a new Internet provider.

-Set up new Internet only to find out that the 12 year old who processed my order didn't hear me mention that I wanted WIRELESS Internet (I didn't know they even made another kind of modem anymore).

-Carried the modem downstairs, plugged in the computer and took a deep breath as I re-entered the land of the living (aka, the world wide web).

The End.

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  1. Wow, you look like me after I've eaten a piece of cake. Good job on eating more. No go eat even MORE! ;-)