Saturday, September 17, 2011

I have been orientated.

This morning I went to orientation for the Houston Association of Realtors.  This is one of the final steps to getting my license set up so we can buy another house.  Steve is chomping at the bit to get started on at least one more.  I on the other hand, between work, pregnancy, and life, am exhausted at the thought.  When is this second trimester burst of energy supposed to hit??? 

It will be nice to get another house or two under our belts though.  Our current rental is going so well (I just knocked on some wood),  that we have no hesitations about adding more.  We will not be completely gutting another house like the last one though.  (If you haven't already, go read my first several posts, then take a shower and a nap because that is what those posts make me what to do.)  Really, we don't have the option to attempt another undertaking like that due to my job and the little man growing inside of me.  Can't you just see me painting, sanding baseboards,  or pulling out bathtubs with a baby attached to me?  Would it be more acceptable if I got him a little tool belt of his own???

Speaking of the little guy, he is moving a lot more lately.  Today as we watched the Gators kick some Vol booty (it wasn't pretty, but I'll take it), he was very active.  I'm glad he's already a Gator fan.  I am also getting bigger.  The instructor at orientation apologized after the class because she didn't realize I was pregnant or she would have told me to feel free to go to the bathroom as needed.  This was the first person who has realized I am pregnant without me telling them.  The jig is up....he's growing. 

At our last appointment, I got to see his VERY long legs, his still developing (yet very intelligent looking) brain, his nose, his ear, his heartbeat, and all the other good stuff going on inside of there.  The doctor said he weighs about 10 ounces now and is about 10 inches long.  I have finally gained a little weight too.  2.5 lbs people!  I'd better slow down.  I have absolutely no problem with gaining the least amount of weight that is still healthy for the baby. 

While watching the game today though, I came to a very scary realization, "I have no Gator clothes that will fit my new figure and we are going to a game in 2 weeks!"  I frantically shopped online and found a few orange and blue dresses that I ordered and hope will fit for the game.  This is quite possibly the only time in my entire life that I have not had a plethora of Gator clothes to wear.  I should be ashamed. 

Steve is fishing in Galveston tonight so I have a date with my DVR.  Oprah, General Hospital, Teen Mom, watch out! 

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