Sunday, September 25, 2011

Someone has a sweet tooth...

Last night I made blackberry cobbler for Steve (he has only been asking for it for the last year).  Of course, if you have cobbler of any sort, you MUST have ice cream with it and then I had some heavy whipping cream that I needed to use, so we had whipped cream too.  It was pretty de-lish and I think my new little friend (tenant of my tummy) enjoyed it as well.  Here's the recipe from who else...Pioneer Woman.

I laid down to go to sleep last night and this boy was the most active he has ever been.  I'm pretty sure there were cartwheels, backflips, and cannonballs going on in there.  Someone had a sugar high.  Or, maybe he was doing this:

Thank goodness he's not big enough that it is uncomfortable yet, rather it feels like when you are on a roller coaster and you "lose your stomach".  I refrained from putting my arms up in the air and screaming though...
(OK, I know her hands are not up and she is not screaming...but her face is HILARIOUS!)

I am dreading the days when weird things like this could be happening to me:

Some of you may think that is interesting or cool, but I find it creepy and weird.  Let's hope he doesn't try to crawl out of my belly button in a few months...

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  1. I had nightmares that Parker was gonna bust out of my belly. Fa-reaky! :)