Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Construction and Turnip Greens

Progress is being made!  Here is an update:

The doors on the front of the house have been installed. There will be screens so nasty bugs and critters won't make their way inside. I'm not sure when the faux stone is supposed to be installed but the look we have now is starting to grow on me. It has that white-trash, semi-complete, still-under-construction feel. Who doesn't love that?

I can't wait to sit in a rocking or lounge chair with a cold beer/margarita/glass of wine in my hand under this roof while enjoying the view.

It's not awful. (I won't disclose how many attempts with the "pano" effect it took to capture this shot.

Speaking of views...
It seems as though our builder has solved my big green box issue. I think I will have them push dirt up along the side of the box that faces the house and throw some seed on it. I could handle staring at a random hill in the middle of the meadow. Also, if you grew up around my family, you know we have an affinity for berms. 

Quick aside: I told Davis to tell my parents what he can see out of his window at the ranch. I was expecting him to say Scott's house, but instead, without hesitation or prompting, he said, "the big green box!" 

Alright, step inside with me.
The lights are in and the floors are uncovered. There will be hanging pendant lighting and ceiling fans, but the bead-board needs to go on the ceiling first. Don't rush us!

Speaking of the floors, these weird white spots have appeared and seem to be in the clear coat. I'm praying most of them can be buffed out, but if not, we will just buy more area rugs.

The kitchen cabinets have been installed.

Blue ranges are all the rage.

These are our stunning counter tops. I was originally planning to do something very basic and light in color to contrast with the cabinets and floors...then I saw these.

They are a leather finish which means they have texture to them. They will be sealed but not completely smooth. I think they will be perfect for a ranch house. Now that we have paid for them...they better be. These are supposed to be installed either at the end of this week or early next week.

Davis' wing:

The shower surrounds were being installed today.

The trim around the windows has already been installed in our bedroom. Just needs to be painted.

The same trim will be on every window.

Davis is planning what he wants to do with the landscaping.

He envisions a monster truck course, a race track, and a dirt pile for free play.

Those things can keep him entertained when he's not picking turnips from the field and eating them. Right after this he took a bite of the greens. Weirdo.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Classic American Family Fun

This year I asked Davis if he wanted a birthday party or if he wanted to go to Monster Jam instead. He said, "Go to Monster Jam for my party!" I have been wanting to take him for awhile and knew he would love it.

All morning he played Monster Jam by making his monster trucks drive over matchbox cars. I have to say the greatest part of the lead-up to the event was using it as a pawn for the day; "You need to eat lunch or we can't go to Monster Jam," "You need to take a nap or we can't go to Monster Jam," "You need to rub mommy's feet or we can't go to Monster Jam!" Pure Genius. Makes me want to have something fun planned every night.

This boy was seriously excited. He brought one of his monster trucks along in case they needed him to jump in, we got him some headphones, and were ready to dig deep to find that inner redneck that lives in our souls.

Safety is sexy.
(Not that my 3 year old is sexy....stop looking at him like that!)

The trucks came out and Davis was enamored. 

Have you ever seen headphones look so cute???

As we watched, my mind started to wander...as it often does. How does one get into the monster truck driving profession? What kind of driving background do they need to have? 

Is this something they dreamed about after attending Monster Jam as a 3 year old?

Then I looked to my left and decided, yes, that is exactly how it happens.

Are we looking at the future driver of the Grave Digger?

Davis was just as impressed by the heavy equipment that came out to flip the trucks back over. There was nothing that didn't appeal to this kid.

My only complaint is that it started at 7:00pm. By 8:30, Davis had enough and we left early. 

On our way to the car I asked him if he had fun and was answered with, "Yes! Now we have my party!" 

Looking back, I'm not so sure I explained his options very well.