Friday, December 7, 2012


We have had a lot of firsts lately.

Davis is crawling!  He first started scooting around the night of Thanksgiving, and this video was taken the following day.  He is moving much faster now.
As his Auntie Jill said, he was playing fetch with himself.  Glad he won't be too bored being an only child!

He has also found this amazing toy and there is one in every room!

That same weekend, we went to the ranch and Davis tried his hand at driving the 4-wheeler.
(He doesn't mean to flick you the bird...he was just in the zone.)
"Hold on mom!"
"You ready back there?"

Then Davis got his first Christmas tree.  They had to get acquainted very quickly.
Ta Da!
"You want my hand on the gift?"
"Dad, this has gotten ridiculous.  How many of these is she going to take?"

By the way, he looks very ginger in these pictures, but I think it is just the lighting.  His hair is very blonde.

That same night, Davis met Santa for the first time!
 He did so great!

This was also his first trip to Bass Pro Shops, so he and his daddy did some shopping.
"I think that one would be better for what you are trying to catch, Dad."

And, of course, he had to check out the fish tank.

It has been an exciting holiday season so far!