Sunday, February 1, 2015

Classic American Family Fun

This year I asked Davis if he wanted a birthday party or if he wanted to go to Monster Jam instead. He said, "Go to Monster Jam for my party!" I have been wanting to take him for awhile and knew he would love it.

All morning he played Monster Jam by making his monster trucks drive over matchbox cars. I have to say the greatest part of the lead-up to the event was using it as a pawn for the day; "You need to eat lunch or we can't go to Monster Jam," "You need to take a nap or we can't go to Monster Jam," "You need to rub mommy's feet or we can't go to Monster Jam!" Pure Genius. Makes me want to have something fun planned every night.

This boy was seriously excited. He brought one of his monster trucks along in case they needed him to jump in, we got him some headphones, and were ready to dig deep to find that inner redneck that lives in our souls.

Safety is sexy.
(Not that my 3 year old is sexy....stop looking at him like that!)

The trucks came out and Davis was enamored. 

Have you ever seen headphones look so cute???

As we watched, my mind started to it often does. How does one get into the monster truck driving profession? What kind of driving background do they need to have? 

Is this something they dreamed about after attending Monster Jam as a 3 year old?

Then I looked to my left and decided, yes, that is exactly how it happens.

Are we looking at the future driver of the Grave Digger?

Davis was just as impressed by the heavy equipment that came out to flip the trucks back over. There was nothing that didn't appeal to this kid.

My only complaint is that it started at 7:00pm. By 8:30, Davis had enough and we left early. 

On our way to the car I asked him if he had fun and was answered with, "Yes! Now we have my party!" 

Looking back, I'm not so sure I explained his options very well. 


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