Friday, September 30, 2011

Fatty, fatty two by four...

I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday (I go every 2 weeks) where they check my weight, blood pressure, baby's heartbeat, and then feel my cervix to make sure it is hanging in there.  This was the 4th visit with this new doctor, and everything has been OK, a few scares with the cervix but nothing major, and it is nice to hear his little heartbeat every 2 weeks and to be reassured that everything is going well.

One of my fears of getting pregnant has always been that I will get fat, real fat cause I love food, and never lose the weight because I hate to exercise.  I also have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (read about it here), so I have an excuse...ish.  When I found out I was pregnant, I had a plan.
        "OK, I will eat healthy, do yoga, and go on walks so I won't get fat, real fat.  For my height and weight, gaining 25-35 lbs is healthy, so I will gain 25 that way I won't have as much to lose.  I am a genius and this will be a piece of cake!  ooooh....cake..."

My first trimester I was so stinking tired that I said, "I'll wait until my second trimester to start doing yoga so I don't fall asleep doing downward facing dog."  By the time my second trimester was approaching, I changed doctors and she noticed that my cervix is shorter than it should be, became worried about me losing the baby, and told me several times, "No exercise!"  Crap!  There goes my plan.  

I was still planning to eat well and would control it that way.  My first appointment with the doctor, I hadn't gained any weight...SCORE!  The second appointment, I lost a pound...I'll take it!  The third appointment, I gained 2 pounds...the doctor was glad to see me gaining a little.  The most recent appointment, I gained 5 pounds.  Now, if I was going once a month like a normal person, 5 pounds between visits might not be a big deal, but I go every TWO weeks....this was not in the plan. 

Dr. Samuels said to me, "Well, because you are so tall, I'm not really concerned," translation: if you were a normal height, I would be upset right now.  I asked her what I should be gaining and she didn't want to give me a number because that would freak me out, so instead she said she likes her patients to gain a total of 25 pounds.  She told me to eat when I'm hungry and to make smart choices with food.  I told her my goal is 25 pounds and she gave me a look of "you haven't even hit the part yet where you really start to get big and you have already gained's that working out for you?" 

I went home with a new plan to just make smart choices for the remainder of the pregnancy.  The next morning, I came to work and Chic-fil-A brought in a ton of chicken biscuits for us.  Yesterday, we had a charity lunch where I was fed a HUGE and delicious cheeseburger and fries, and then my wonderful husband made me a very yummy dessert after dinner.  This morning, I dragged myself in to work only to find that donuts had been delivered for the station. 

I need a new plan...

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