Monday, April 18, 2011

Fun and Busy

We had the most fun and busy weekend.  Why can't every weekend be like that? 

Friday night I cooked and so we hung out at the house and drank some wine.  Have you noticed yet how much we love wine?  In case you haven't....WE LOVE WINE!!!!  Red wine though.  White gives me heartburn and then I am a miserable whiny girl.  hahahaha
Saturday we went to the driving range to hit some balls.  I hit the best I have ever hit in my life!  Onlookers may have thought I was home from the LPGA tour, that's how great it was.  Well, maybe not that great, but I was consistently hitting balls further and straighter than I ever have.  Guess all of those practices in our indoor driving range are paying off.  After hitting a little over a bucket of balls, my arms were tired and so was I.  I blame my CFS. 

One night in college, while watching TV in bed, a commercial came on that changed my life.  Here's how it went:
TV - "Is your child tired all the time?"
me - "YES!" (mind you my 'child' in this scenario is me)
TV - "They may not just be lazy, they may have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome."
me - "OMG...I must have that!"
Then the TV went on to list all of the symptoms, and being the amateur medical professional that I am, I proceeded to self diagnose myself. 
When Steve and I first started dating and we were laying all of our flaws out on the table to see if there were any deal breakers, I told him about my condition.  He was very understanding and started to wonder if maybe he suffered from it as well.  I switched into amateur medical professional mode and asked him several questions about his energy level.  Well, in my professional opinion, I felt safe diagnosing him with CFS.  (I have also diagnosed my dear friend Tracy, and she continues to be strong and fight the good fight against CFS one day at a time.)

Steve and I have thought about planning some sort of a fundraiser to cure CFS.  The first thing that came to mind was a walk.  It would have to be a very short 2 blocks or less...and we would have volunteers with golf carts driving around in case our walkers got fatigued.  The walk hasn't taken place yet because every time we start to plan, we get tired and table the discussion to another time.  Living with CFS is no debilitating. 

After hitting golf balls, we came home to rest and get ready for the party our friends were throwing that night.  What a fun party!  There was tons of food and lots to drink.  A group of girls I have just started to get to know were there and we had the greatest time. 

Sunday we slept in a of us had a little too good of a time at the party.....yes, it was me....and then went to an Astros game with some friends of ours.  We were in great company; the Bush's enjoyed the game with us (George Sr and Barbara).  We are so fancy.  OK, so they weren't sitting right by us (or even on the same level), but I could tell they were enjoying the game, as was I, and so I felt in some way we were a little connected.  Makes sense, right?  The former First Lady had a big fabulous floppy hot pink hat on and took down stats during the entire game.  In between innings, they flashed the "smooch cam" (or whatever it is called) on different couples in the park and made them kiss on the jumbotron, and they were the last couple they showed.  The President took off his baseball cap, Mrs. Bush lifted the brim of her floppy hat, and he planted one on her.  So cute. 
This is not from this weekend, but look at those seats.  Directly behind home plate.  Best seats in the house.

After the game we had to run down to our rental because they were having a leak under the kitchen sink.  It was an easy fix and I was able to check the back yard for any signs of a dog.  It looks like our tenant kept her word and got rid of Patches...Hurray! 

Being a couple who lives with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I was proud of us for our active weekend and didn't feel the least bit guilty about spending the rest of the day curled up on the couch. 

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