Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sun, Fish, and Bathrobes

We went to Galveston for the weekend to celebrate Steve's happy happy birthday.  He cut out a little early from work so we could get to the hotel and get a little sun before meeting our friends for drinks.  Well, as is true EVERY SINGLE time we go down there on a Friday, there was a car accident and the drive took twice as long as usual.  Actually, since it is taking us that amount of time more often than not, I guess it took the usual.  Blah. Due to the long car ride, there was no time to get any of that sweet, glorious, Vitamin D filled sun....well, today anyway.

After a few beers, a hamburger, and a lot of laughs, we headed over to our friend Gary's fishing hole.  I guess this is what a birthday party looks like in your late 40's. 
I only packed flip flops and sandals thinking we would either be on a dock or by the pool the entire weekend and was not prepared for the thorns and bugs that were all over the ground at the fishing hole.  I got back in the car until we could go to the pier and then spotted these guys:
I thought, who wants to be fishing when you could be riding a horse.  And here I am without a saddle, or bridle, or a bit, or even knowing if these horses are broken.  They kept walking across the field toward me so I got out of the car, made some kissie noises, and my new buddies came right over to me.
This is what I'm talking about!

When it got darker we went over to the pier where we could fish under the lights, but I only lasted about 15 minutes.  It was so cold due to the 30+ mph winds that blew ALL weekend.  After retreating to the car to stay out of the wind, I realized my iPad was in my bag...at the hotel.  What was I supposed to do?!?!?  You know how you try to imagine your life before a cell phone and it seems absolutely unbearable?  Well, that's how I feel about my iPad now.  (and my cell phone....hence the big purse.)  Gary left around 10, then Dale left around 10:15 (and assured me that Steve wouldn't be far behind because the fish weren't biting), and around 10:20, Steve caught 8 keeper trout in about 30 minutes.  Finally at 11:45, Steve called it a night...I was already asleep in the car.

The next day the plan was to lay out by the pool, relax and then go fishing at night.  The only issue is that my very favorite past time (laying by a body of water with a good book, a cold drink, and some sunscreen) is not a favorite of my husband's.  After about 2 hours...what a good sport...Steve presented me with an idea.  "How about we go to the fishing hole, you can lay out and drink beer, while I fish and catch crabs for us to eat?"  Obviously, it didn't take me long to agree; 3 of my favorite things...sun, beer, and crabs for dinner, YES PLEASE! 

While Steve was catching crabs, he had a line out hoping to catch a big redfish.  I was busy trying to get the crabs out of the net and Steve said, "I think I caught a bird on my line."  I turned around to find a bird flapping its wings on top of the water.  It had wrapped itself up in Steve's fishing line.  I am NOT a bird lover.  In fact, I would venture to say I STRONGLY dislike birds (I try not to hate things).  To me, they are noisy, messy, dirty, and annoying....plus they bite.  Being from Florida, my least favorite bird of all time is the Sea Gull.  Ugh.  Worse than pigeons.  You can't even enjoy a snack on the beach without them squawking at you, trying to (and sometimes succeeding) steal your food, and then pooping on you as a 'Thank You'.  Filthy.  Well, guess what kind of a bird was caught in Steve's line.  I'll give you one guess. 

Steve reeled his line in - with the bird attached - and tried to untangle the bird without touching it.  I quickly realized that it was much more tangled than we originally thought but saw its nasty, sharp little beak snapping at me and the thought crossed my mind to say, "well, sucks to be him, cut the line", but he caught me on a generous day I guess.  I went back to the car and got a towel, threw it over his face, held his beady little head, and Steve and I got him untangled.  It was really bad and if we had just cut the line, he would have never gotten it off by himself.  Once he was untangled, I let him go and he flew off to join his friends. 

Steve ended up catching a decent red too.

After dinner, we headed out to the fishing pier to fish under the lights, but this time, I was prepared.  I took the robe from the hotel and sported it like a mink coat while we fished.  After about an hour, the towel Steve had draped over his shoulder got caught by a gust of wind and flew into the water.  We both tried to hook it with our lines, but it quickly soaked up lots of water and sunk to the bottom.  I next uttered a sentence I never thought I would ever say (or ever have to say), "Now Steve, that does not mean that you can use my robe as your hand towel!"  I saw him checking out the robe and decided I would need to lay down the law before he tried to wipe his nasty fish hands on my sleeve.  After my outing in the robe, I believe Hugh Hefner has it right.  Maybe that needs to be my new fashion staple.  I have an interview on Thursday; perhaps I should wear a robe so they will know what to expect from my professional dress. 

We had a really good time in Galveston and of course, hit more traffic from another accident on the way home.  I need a DVD player in the car or something so I won't be so bothered by the traffic; it makes me cranky.  I am such a 5 year old...

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