Friday, April 22, 2011

What is that smell??????

I got up this morning and finished Steve's birthday present (herb garden).  Before I presented it to him last night, I explained that the interview went long and he assumed I was going to say I didn't have a gift for, I do believe he is the one who "doesn't have time" to buy me presents.  Read here for just one example.  After giving him a "I can't believe you would even think that" look, I took him out back to show him the supplies that would soon be his herb garden.  (I just realized, if I was a good person, I would have taken a picture of that so you could get the full experience....I'm trying to get better, I really am!)  He was very excited...maybe I shouldn't have said I would finish it and told him it was an 'experience' gift.  Oh well, he liked it nonetheless, and I give the credit to my concept selling skills; help them imagine what could be. 

Remember when I wrote about how much I HATE yard work?  Well, turns out I'm not so crazy about gardening either.  The dirt the lady at Home Depot (Are you surprised?  That's where I go when I don't know what I'm doing.) told me to buy smells like pee.  That's right, urine.  I have smelled dirt that smells like dirt (you know, that musky, dusty smell) or manure (poop for you non-agricultural people out there), but never pee.  Now that I have sampled an array of the scents of dirt/soil, I must say that pee is my least favorite of all.  It smelled like a dog marked its territory on my bag of soil about 1000 times.  Being the good wifie I am, I powered through and only gagged a few times. 

The pot we already had was fairly tall, so I had to buy another one similar in height and then I filled the bottoms of them with bricks so I wouldn't have to use so much soil.  What do you think?
The planter on the left is the one we already had.  I bought the gold one to spice it up a bit.
I made the brown one our "Mexican" type planter (Cilantro and Jalapenos), the gold one has Rosemary, Parsley, Basil, and Lavender.  I don't cook a ton with lavender but I love the way it smells.

It's good to know we can have some life in our backyard.  Here's a peek of what we are working with:
Do you think we should put in a pool?  It is literally about 4 feet wide.  I told Steve I would love to lay out in the backyard, but I would only be able to get sun for about 1 hour every day.
There is just enough room for Steve's grill.  What else do you need????  We have already discussed that our next home will have a backyard with room for a pool and an outdoor kitchen (no more cleaning ducks and fish in my kitchen!)  Because I love yard work so much though, Steve will either have to do it or we will have to have a yard service.  Just putting that out there right now.

Keep your fingers crossed that these herbs make's getting hot and I'm not great with plants. 

I'm off to pack for the weekend in Galveston to get some sun...and I'm sure fishing will sneak in there at some point too.  

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