Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Now We're Cooking with Gas!

Today was a big day; the appliances were delivered!  Home Depot had a great black Friday sale that went on for 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, so we got a fridge and a gas stove at a great price.  They fit and look great, so that is one room almost completed.

I spent most of the day scrubbing the kitchen cabinets.  If I may, I'd like to give a quick PSA about smoking.  I scrubbed each cabinet at least 3 times with a very strong degreaser and am still wiping a dark brown flim off of them.  Smokers, imagine what your lungs look like if this is what sticks to a cabinet through indirect exposure of a cigarette.  OK, PSA over....if I was a smoker before, this project would have made me kick the habit. 

The rest of my day was spent doing yard work.  If you know me at all, you probably know that I HATE yard work.  When I say HATE, I am not exaggerating at all.  It's not like I just prefer not to do it; I would rather do just about anything than yard work.  Scrub a toilet, yes please!  There are so many reasons why I hate yard work, but I will just share a few.  It's dirty!  You dig in the dirt, then some of the dirt turns into dust and flies into your nose, mouth and eyes.  It buries itself under your fingernails, on your skin, on your clothes and even sometimes gets in your shoes - which drives me crazy!  Secondly, it smells.  I wasn't working on a rose garden here.  I was digging in a very neglected flowerbed that was overgrown and messy.  Weeds stink!  They have the most pungent smell that makes me sneeze.  I also kept smelling the faint smell of dog poop, but couldn't find it.  As I was picking up the clippings, I found the culprit.  Hey neighbors, keep your dogs off my yard!  Third, it hurts.  There are ants and other bugs who bite out there.  Also, the sago palms I was trimming were very angry; they kept biting me.  I have little pricks all over my arms and hands from those plants.  Guess they are cranky when taken out of their natural habitat, which I'm guessing is Florida. 

Today consisted of 2 trips to Home Depot.  The first trip was to the store by our house, and the employees were much more friendly this time.  I had to go to that store to get the items they were sold out of at my regular HD.  The second trip to HD was pretty fun.  My favorite employee (the guy who made my keys for me and always wants to help me) spotted me while I was looking for screws and said, "OH GOD!"  I told him not to make me feel so welcome.  He then basically took me by the hand and helped me find everything I needed.  The last thing I needed was a piece of hardy board and I needed it cut so it would fit in my SUV.  Although HD sells the blade to cut hardy board, they don't use it in the store, so he offered to cut it by hand.  He used to work in the lumber department and would cut it by hand all the time, but apparently he forgot how because it wasn't working out too well.  He was determined to help me so he called his boss to see if he could use the saw to cut it.  After a lot of pleading, his boss relented but gave a few conditions.  We had to gate off the aisle and be VERY sneaky.  Also, if we got caught, he hadn't given us the OK.  I offered to cause a diversion by either stealing something, assaulting another shopper, or faking a heart attack across the store.  I think he appreciated my offer to help but instead just made me the lookout while he quickly cut the board.  What I didn't know is that hardy board produces a HUGE cloud of dust when cut.  You would have thought a nuclear bomb had gone off with the mushroom cloud that was produced.  After he cut it, we quickly loaded it on the cart, put the gates away, and acted like nothing had happened while rushing to the front of the store.  He helped me load my car and I was on my way.  I told him if we had gotten caught to blame it on me because they wouldn't punish their top customer of the month.  I better avoid HD for a few days just in case they caught the act on camera and have a warrant out for me. 

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Home Depot Employees - The most helpful people I know

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