Tuesday, November 23, 2010

!Viva Mexico!

Today I am flying the Mexican flag in honor of our AMAZING workers.  They are hauling butt!  When I showed up this morning they had taken up the kitchen floor, patched the drywall in the bathroom, floated the entire living room, and patched the holes in the wall from the amazing decorating skills of the previous owner.  You see, she was of the belief, apparently, that it is a sin to leave any space on your wall uncovered by a picture or knick knack NAILED to the wall.  The designers of HGTV could learn something from her. 

They helped me fill up the dumpster again, which only eliminated 2/3 of the remaining garbage.  Steve was headed out in the afternoon so I let him know he would be assigned the task of jumping on top of the garbage to pack it down so we can fit more.  My logic in having him do this goes as follows:  If the workers hurt themselves on God only knows what is in that thing, they can and probably will sue us.  If Steve hurts himself, it will be unfortunate, but he won't sue himself.  Makes perfect sense to me!

I went to the Home Depot by our house to get things they are sold out of in the store by the rental house, and the workers there were not as friendly as my usual store.  I have a feeling I am more of a rarity in the Pasadena store, whereas the store in Houston is probably inundated by housewives wanting to do small projects around the house.  I am guessing I was mistaken for one of those women rather than the construction professional I am.  I'll let it go this once. 

I made 2 trips to my regular Home Depot in Pasadena and was treated with the courtesy and respect I have grown accustomed to.  I even got to see my friend from Sunday who desperately wanted to help me with something but I shopped out of his department all day.  During one of my trips, I needed keys made and I thought he was going to scream he was so excited he got to help me.  Today he suggested I buy stock in Home Depot...I'm beginning to agree.  There is a guy in the tile department with bright red hair, a bright red beard, and a huge tattoo covering his arm of the Irish flag...in case we couldn't guess his heritage.  He looks at me with a sad look on his face everyday when he sees me in there.  I think he feels sorry for me.

Steve came by in the afternoon to knock down a brick half-wall in the carport area.  I think he desperately wanted to take down a wall...what is it when men and demo?  He now compares himself to President Reagan ordering the fall of the Berlin Wall.  I've created a monster!  While he was playing with sledge hammers, I was carrying bricks from the back yard and throwing them in the dumpster.  I am determined to bow hunt when we go back to Africa this summer, so I need to get strong enough to actually draw a bow....these fun little exercises should help. 

After the Great Wall of Oppression, as we will now refer to it, was demolished, Steve and I headed to Lowe's (Yes, LOWE'S!!!!!) to buy some baseboards, door molding, and cedar boards that were unavailable at Home Depot.  It was 8pm by this time so I was getting cranky and was tearing through the store like a bat out of hell.  Steve was left in my dust the entire time.  We took the materials to the house and added them to the collection that was delivered from Home Depot today so our great workers can stay hard at work. 

Marco told me they are working straight through the weekend and not even taking the day off for Thanksgiving.  We are headed to Florida tomorrow so I won't see the house again until Monday.  I can't wait to see the progress they will have made.  Maybe they will be almost done when we get back.  For their dedication, I'm flying their flag one more time!

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