Thursday, April 14, 2011

Died and gone to Heaven-ish

The visit with my parents went really well.  It was so great to see them (I'm not sure we had ever gone that long between visits before) and I'm glad my dad finally got to experience The Ranch.

You would have thought he was 15 again.  He climbed up on the 4-wheeler and didn't get down all weekend.  Now, this is a man who just had surgery about 2 months ago and finished his radiation treatments just before that, so I was a little worried about what kind of shape he was going to be in; he seemed to have caught his second wind.  What is it with men and heavy to mid-sized farm equipment???  Steve's eyes light up when he talks about his bulldozer and my dad was very eager to run any errand or do any job that required one of the many "tools" on the ranch. 
My mom loves to watch deer in nature, so I promised to take her up in the tree house to watch them come into the feeder one of the evenings.  Steve and Dale built the tree house; it is about 3 stories high and requires you to climb a ladder that has recently come unattached from the tree, so it is more rickety than usual.  All four of us decided to go, and although it is pretty stable, I have never had 4 adults in it before.  For the first 10-15 minutes (OK, more than that for some of us) we were holding our breath hoping this pleasant night out wouldn't result in disaster.  The fact that it was a windy night, and so the tree was swaying quite a bit, didn't help matters.  Obviously, we all made it out alive....I guess we invented Extreme Deer Watching. 
We ate like kings (fish tacos, ribs, pork butt, venison/wild boar burgers, waffles, pancakes) and put on about 30 lbs over the weekend, but no biggie...eating for the next month is overrated anyway.

One of the days, my mom and I went to the next town with Steve's mom to do some shopping (which was a very short trip...there are only 3 stores and one was closed) and were surprised by a parade-ish display of about 100 horses either being ridden or pulling wagons.  You never know what will happen in the country. 

Click Here to return to the home pageAfter we got back to the big city, my dad was itching to go to Bass Pro Shops.  Going to Bass Pro is an experience with my dad.  He walks up and down every single aisle of the fishing section VERY slowly looking at every single solitary lure, worm, pole, reel, bobber, etc.  In the time that he browsed 4 aisles, my mom and I looked at bows and crossbows in the hunting section, looked at the huge new tents for sale, played the shooting game, checked out the fish tank, and scoured the sales racks in the clothing section.

Out of fear that every future trip will be spent at the ranch, my mom is already planting seeds of wanting to visit San Antoino, Austin, and the hill country the next time they come.  Good luck mom, it's good to have another person on my team. 

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