Sunday, June 19, 2011

Let the exhaustion begin...

We are leaving soon for our second trip to South Africa.  When we went for our honeymoon, Steve was planning our next trip before we even left.  Our last trip was at the end of hunting season and there were quite a few animals we wanted that we didn't get.  This time we will be right in the heart of hunting season (this is like their Dec/Jan), and since this will be our last trip to South Africa for awhile, hopefully we will get everything we want. 
We will be hunting right around where the blue lion is.

The trophies from our last hunt aren't even here yet, which is reminding me that hunting may not be the best sport for an instant gratification girl such as myself.  Supposedly they have been shipped to the States, we just don't have them yet.  Then the taxidermist will do his/her thing which could take several more months.  Thank goodness we had them do my zebra rug in SA. 

Our travel time to Johannesburg (which is a 3.5 hour car ride from the ranch) is about 29 hours.  There is a 7 hour time change and the jet lag kicked my booty last year.  It took us about a week to get back to a normal sleeping pattern.  I would say this is the part I am looking forward to the least.  At least the trip will be broken up by a few quick stops as opposed to last year which was a direct 17 hour flight from Atlanta.  Maybe if they didn't turn all of the cabin lights on every 3 hours to give us a snack of some sort, we could sleep and the flight might be a little easier...just a thought.

After our return from SA, we are home for about 5 hours before we get on yet another plane and head to Florida for the Tom James semi-annual meeting.  While Steve is in meetings, I will be sleeping off my jet-lag by the pool.  I am so excited to see our Tom James family and to go to a beautiful Florida beach.  (No offense Galveston, but you aren't even in the same league!)

Well, maybe I'm a bit biased.  What do you think?

Marco Island

Now, before you read this and realize our house will be vacant, I want you to know that we have a very sophisticated security system; so don't even waste your time.  If you do decide to try your fate, feel free to take our couch, guest bedroom mattress, and dinning room table; I want new ones.

So keep us in your prayers as we travel and don't try to break into our house or you may be greeted by house sitters with guns, rabid dogs, alarm systems, and explosives...this is Texas afterall.

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