Thursday, June 16, 2011

Short, but delicious.

Tuesday night we had a fish fry for Steve's co-workers.  We needed to get rid of some of the fish we have collected and most importantly, Steve wanted to show his appreciation for all of their hard work.  I made grilled corn on the cob, Fancy Mac and Cheese, green beans tossed in the bacon grease from the mac and cheese, and Monkey Bread.  Steve fried about 2/3 of the fish and grilled the rest.  A couple of the girls from the office brought dessert and we had quite a feast.  I LOVE each of his co-workers and love having them over; always a good time.

Let's talk food though.  The Fancy Mac and Cheese was the first thing gone.  I can not explain how delicious this was.  The only modification I made was that I left the onion out.  Just about every person present (there were 16-18 of us) came over and told me how amazing it was.  If you want a crowd pleaser, make this dish.  OMG!

If you have never had Monkey Bread, you definitely need to make some.  It's not healthy, at all, but it sure is delicious.  Especially when served with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream...

I love fresh green beans, so after steaming them a little, I minced some garlic, sliced some onions and cooked them in the bacon grease.  Then I added the green beans to re-warm them and give them some bacon flavor (because EVERYTHING is better with bacon).  Needless to say, this was the second dish eliminated. 

Steve announced at the fish fry that his assistant is being deployed to the middle east; he won't know where he's going until he gets there.  Nick serves in the National Guard and we are all so thankful for his service.  I wish him lots of luck and safety while he is over protecting our freedom. 

OK, two assignments from this post:
1.  Make these recipes.
2.  Thank a service member today.

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