Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Catch of the Day

For the long weekend, Steve wanted to go to my grandma's house on the Rainbow River in Florida to do some Bass fishing.  This is a win/win for me because Steve is happy to get to fish and I get to visit my family...and Florida!

My grandma has had this house for as long as I have been alive and I have so many memories there.  Growing up, we spent nearly every Thanksgiving (aka FL/FSU weekend) and most Easters there.  My cousins, brothers and I would play in the water, dive for turtles, fish, swing from rope swings, and play some very serious games of tag at night. 

This past weekend, my aunt, uncle, Gram Weez, cousin, her husband and son Maxim, other cousin, his wife and son Orion all joined the party.  We ate like kings, played in the water a lot with the kids (it's weird not being one of the kids anymore), kayaked, played board games, and talked until it seemed like there was nothing left to say.  The only things missing were my parents. 

When we went to the river over Thanksgiving, Steve and I hired a fishing guide named Keith (not my brother) who took us out of Angler's in Dunnellon and we caught more fish than I have caught on that river in all 30 of my years.  He has taken other family members out who caught several bass over 10 lbs, and while we didn't catch any of those that day, Steve didn't give up hope that it would happen for us sometime.  We hired Keith again and this time we took my uncle out with us the first day. 

We got to our first spot and Steve immediately started fishing off the back of the boat.  With the help of the guide, apparently he doesn't realize I have fished all of my life and don't need too much help, I quickly caught 2 keepers and Steve caught 1.  My uncle, who I call Dubs, said he was waiting to make sure it was worth the effort before he began fishing.  After my second 4 lb bass, I asked if it was up to his standards.  He agreed and took my rod and reel.  His very first cast he reels in an over 7 lb bass, the biggest of his life.

Tell me that's not the look of a happy man.

We were a little worried when he was reeling it in, because the fish hung itself up under a log on the bottom of the river.  We could see it's white belly shining up from the bottom, but with Dubs' expert angling skills, he got that fat lady in the boat.  

That night, we were having a fish fry, so we were keeping some 3-4 lb bass to eat.  After Dubs caught his big fish and we had about 5 keepers in the boat, Keith said he wanted to try another spot.  For the previous hour, I had been doubled over with stomach pains, but not wanting to ruin the trip, I didn't say anything.  Once Keith mentioned us moving, I asked if he could take me back to Angler's and they could call me when they were done fishing that day. 

I went back to the house and started to feel better...probably because I got to play with Maxim who is one of the cutest little boys in the world.  The guys called around 12 saying they were done and when I got to Angler's they were cleaning the 7 fish they kept.  After getting the details from everyone, it appeared I didn't miss too much, just a lot of 3-4 lb bass.  Steve fried the fish that night and they were DE-LISH! 

Since I missed half the day of fishing, Steve suggested we go out again Monday...really I think he just wanted to go fishing again, but if he feels better saying it was for me, I'll play along.  Steve's first cast that morning landed him his biggest fish of the trip, a 6 pounder.  He has caught a bigger bass he claims, but this was still a nice fish.

After he caught that fish, we moved to another spot where Keith and I gave Steve a little head start.  After he caught a few 3 lb fish, it was time for me to get in the game.  Doing what I do best, I caught my own personal record, also a 7 lb bass. 

I think Dubs' fish is bigger than mine, but that's okay, I have time to catch a bigger one.  The next time we go, Keith better have his game-face on, cause I know I'll be wearing mine.  

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