Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gold Award Baby!

For our honeymoon, Steve and I went on an amazing trip to South Africa.  We spent 4 days in Cape Town sightseeing, cage diving with Great Whites, and sampling some of the many wineries in the area.  The next 6 days were spent on a safari (which is really just PC for hunting) with Dries Visser Outfitters in the northern part of South Africa.  This was such a cool experience that we decided to go back in June to see what else we can get. 

Steve took a 51 1/2" Kudu and a 9 1/2" tusked Wharthog with his bow:
And I took a Zebra and a 24 1/2" Impala:
We were able to register the Kudu and the Impala with SCI (Safari Club International) and both made it into the record books.  I received the plaques yesterday and guess what they say:
Basically, they say that my Impala is MUCH more impressive than his Kudu.  I told him I'd teach him to hunt in June.  They may have to create a Platnum award for me this year.  I would also accept the title of "Huntress of the Year."

Now, if we could just get our trophies so I could have my new rug.  This is taking forever!

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