Sunday, March 6, 2011

Buddies Out West: Last Full Day

There was the threat of rain all day today so we were a little worried our hike would be cancelled.  Now that I think of it, "worried" wasn't exactly the word for it.  None of us are what you would call Athletic, and so the idea of hiking up a mountain was a little intimidating.  Jess had done it before though and said it was awesome...I had also seen the girls on The Hills do it, so it can't be that hard right???

We drove down the Pacific Coast Hwy to Malibu and Jess pulled into this little park.  From the parking lot, this hike looked like it would be fairly easy.  Looks can be deceiving.  I am proud to say we made it all the way up the 3 mile hike and back down with no casualties, but there was definitely some heavy breathing going on.  It also didn't help that the trail was damp and so the clay was sticking to our shoes causing them to get heavier and heavier as we climbed.  Here are some pics from the big hike:
I remembered I had a self-timer.  Only took 3 tries to get this shot.
This is Mt. Renis.  I can't post the pics we took with this, but imagine what you would have done in middle school, and that is what Buddy and I did. 
The end is in sight.  That is the waterfall we are hiking to in the background.
But first we need to make it across this without getting wet.  Success!
We Made It!!!!
 Buddies on a Rock!
Self timer again.  I almost broke my neck just to provide you with this picture.  You're Welcome!
There was an old house that was built next to this waterfall and was distroyed in a fire.  This is all that was left.

After the hike, we headed to Venice to do what all people do after a work at In-N-Out Burger!

Think Buddy liked it?????

We went back to the house after our delicious feast to shower and go check out the Kardashian's store DASH in Calabasas.  What a disappointment!  The store was in serious need of a vacuuming and needed to be reorganized.  We had all decided before we got there that we should at least buy something little, but there was literally NOTHING in there I would even consider buying.  Well, I take that back...there were some cute tshirts that just said DASH on them, but after closer inspection, Buddy realized that the letters were starting to peel off already and they were going for only $60.  I'm pretty sure the $10 bottled waters are what keep that place open.  We were so upset, we didn't even take a picture.  Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, I know you are MUST do something about your store.  It's bringing your name down.

On our way back to Santa Monica, it started POURING, so Big Deans was cancelled because it is more of an outside place.  We also wanted to go ride the roller coaster on the pier, but that got the ax as well.  With nothing else to do, we decided to go to dinner early and take advantage of happy hour. 

All weekend, Buddy and I had been trying to convince Jess that she needed to try sushi.  Much to our surprise, she finally caved!  Thanks to our good friend Yelp! we found a great little sushi restaurant called MisoFishy.  

Jess was great and tried one of everything while Buddy and I hoovered the food into our mouths.  Although she admitted it "wasn't that bad," Jess claims she won't be eating sushi again.  I don't believe her. 

Now that we were fat and happy, our last item on the list was a lovely little place called Pourtal.  It is located over by the 3rd Street Promenade and is like an adult Disney World.  This wine bar has about 40 wines on-tap.  You load a little card and cruise around the store buying tastings of whichever wine you want for anywhere from $1.50-$7 per tasting.  There is a place like this in Sarasota and now I am kicking myself for not going there more often.  Buddy and I both blew through our initial $20 and had to go reload our cards.  We also ordered a plate of imported cheeses recommended to us by the sommelier and they went great with the wines we tried. 

Buddy and I have decided that both Chicago and Houston need establishments like this and are currently looking for investors to help us get these places off the ground.  

After drinking half of the wine bar, we went back to Jess' house so she could pack.  Because she was moving back to Chicago the next weekend, she loaded 2 huge suitcases full of stuff to have Buddy take back with her.  I simply had to pack my blazer and was ready to go.  Who am I kidding?  I wore that sucker on the plane!

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  1. Thanks for visiting us at Pourtal Wine Bar and the lovely review. I hope you'll visit us again on your next trip out. Hopefully we'll be able to expand soon!