Monday, March 14, 2011

This is gonna be ugly...

When we were in Tampa in January, Jill, Steve, our friend Jacques, and I entered a weight-loss competition.  We all weighed in on the scale that was in the hotel gym, and will weigh-in again when we arrive in St. Maarten on Wednesday to see who lost the greatest percentage of weight.  Each of us put $100 in the pot and the winner takes it all. 

We did a weight-loss competition like this last February when we were in Cabo, (Jill was not included that time) and did our final weigh-in at Jacques' crawfish boil in May.  I beat Steve by .01%, collected my $200 and proceeded to eat everything in sight. 
I was so disciplined last year, eating salads everyday.  This year is a different story; Steve is a very bad influence.  I don't think it is just the Callaway house that is slacking though...I think we each may have actually GAINED weight.  It will be very pitiful if someone wins $300 for only gaining 2lbs.

Not that it will make a whole heck of a lot of difference, but I am thinking of eating my last meal tonight and just coasting through till Wednesday around lunchtime.  We are a pretty sad group for not even really attempting to win this bet.  You'd think we are all millionaires and could care less.  I, for one, do care.  There is a very beautiful Kate Spade purse I would like to buy myself.  For the next two days whenever I get hungry, I will look at this picture:
Wish me luck!

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