Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You're gonna miss me....admit it!

I was hoping there would be Internet at the hotel in St. Maarten so I could rub my good time in all of your faces via my iPad, and there is...but you have to pay for it.  It is also only in the rooms, and I plan to spend as little time in the room as possible.  What will you do without the latest and greatest from the Tool Belt Chronicles for 5 days? 

I have thought about how to help you all so you won't be sent into withdrawals, and here are some of the ideas I had...

1.  Pay for Internet.  (Not sure my frugal husband will go for that one.)
2.  Write several posts with instructions on which day to read each one. (That is like giving you a bag of chips and telling you to eat just one...you'll never be able to do it.)
3.  Stop worrying about how you will take it and just go enjoy my vacay.  (May sound a little selfish, but I'm just that kind of gal!)

In case you couldn't tell, I'm gonna go ahead and go with option 3.  To get you through the rest of the week and weekend, I suggest you just focus on the great material I will return with....remember Buddies Out West anyone???

If that doesn't help get you through, I suggest alcohol.  If you are pregnant or don't drink...surry...I got nothin'.  Hang in there.

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