Monday, March 28, 2011

Island Time: Our night in France...ish.

St. Maarten is divided up into two parts; the Dutch side and the French side.  Our hotel was on the Dutch side, but we were right on the boarder.  Aside from shopping, we did everything on the French side.  Especially the food!

After our day of horseback riding, we headed back to get ready for dinner.  Our plan was to take a cab to an area called Grand Case on the French side that has some great restaurants.  I love nothing more than getting an awesome cab driver, and this time, we hit the jackpot.  His name was Scotty and after growing up in St. Maarten, he decided to move to the states so he could join our military.  After serving, he returned to the island to relax.  He was full of great tips on where to go and insisted that we go to a great seafood restaurant called Fishpot.  Quite frankly, as long as they had escargot, I was a happy girl.  This restaurant had a tank of the biggest lobsters I have ever seen before. (Someone else has pictures of them which I will post as soon as I get a copy.)  3 of us shared a 6 lb lobster!  That's $125 worth of lobster people...with a $25 discount!  When they carried it out to see if we wanted it, the monster wrapped its tentacles around the back of the chair and started dragging it away.  Crazy...and delicious! 

During dinner Scotty showed up again to make sure we were enjoying our meal.  He really became our little tour guide after this and showed back up when we were done eating to tell us where we should go next.  We walked down the street to a place called Blue Martini (I don't think it's related to the one in Tampa) where they had live reggae music playing.  You'll never guess who the singer was.....Dread-I...the guy from the beach who insisted Steve was my dad.  He sang a lot of Bob Marley and I'm pretty sure I knew more of the verses than he did because he kept singing the same one over and over.  We danced for quite awhile and then the guys ended up in a pool competition with some locals.  Our team lost...shocking.

The two single men of the group decided to stay out and visit a few other local hang outs and us old married folks were ready to head back to the hotel.  Don't worry, we didn't have to look for a cab....Ole' Scotty was sitting at the end of the bar waiting until we were ready to go.  On the drive home, he decided it was open mic night and told us some of his best stand-up.  I asked him how he likes the nude beaches and he said he doesn't like to see his future.  Amen!  When he dumped us back at the Westin, we asked him to go back and keep an eye on the guys for us but they never saw him again...guess he was just looking out for us VIPs.  :)
Scotty and I

This stray dog was wandering around and had just had puppies.  What do you do in this situation after a few drinks....of course, you try to milk it.  I'm sorry puppy...

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