Thursday, March 10, 2011

Getting Beach Ready

This time next week, I will be laying poolside in St. Maarten enjoying a nice frozen beverage.  As all women know though, this type of vacation does not come without preparation.  Steve, of course, doesn't get it.  He'll just throw clothes in a bag the night before we leave and be ready to go.  I, on the other hand, need to buy supplies and get myself ready for a bathing suit.  (Looking back, I probably should have started on the latter a little sooner...)

Everyone warned me that when you get married you gain weight, but I don't think I took it serious enough.  A few Sundays ago, over crawfish and beer, I decided enough was enough and wrote up a work-out contract on a paper towel, made Steve sign it, and have since posted it in our bathroom so we will stick to it.  So far, so good...except for on the weekends...there's much more fun things to do. 

Due to the weight gain, there are a few new items I need for this trip.  None of my shorts fit anymore, so I have been scouring the city looking for some that are age appropriate.  I would like to know who wears the shorts that are out there now.  I see some teenagers in them and believe their parents should be arrested for letting them dress like little slores.  In college, I'll admit, I pushed the envelope on the shortness of my shorts; but I believe that in the last year of my twenties, it is time to explore the invention of the inseam.

The other item I can't seem to find is a sarong of some sort.  I realize they aren't as trendy as they used to be, but what's a girl supposed to use to cover her "problem areas"?  I tried Old Navy, Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, Target and found NOTHING.  Guess I'll continue the search tomorrow. 

Yesterday I treated myself to a new hairdo.  I got bored of my dark brown hair and decided to lighten it up for the spring/summer.  This is definitely taking some getting used to, but I think I like it.  What do you think?

I also visited the tanning bed today to "knock the casper off" as Steve would say.  The tan I had developed before moving from Florida was nothing short of impressive, and this cold, rainy winter has completely destroyed it.  I cannot wait to get myself in the sun!  Strictly for health purposes of course; I need the Vitamin E. 

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