Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I said NO DOGS!

So a couple weeks ago our tenants called wanting to know if they could get a dog.  They claim they didn't realize the lease specified no pets even though I went over that section with great detail.  Given the fact that we just refinished the floors, I really don't want a dog in there scratching them and using the bathroom on them.

Steve and I discussed the situation and decided we would be nice and let them get the dog they had promised to get before they moved in under the conditions that they would pay a $500 pet deposit and would repair any damages caused by the pet before move-out.  She said she would get the check in the mail and asked if she could pay it in 2 parts.  Well, surprise, surprise, the check never came.  I called her to check on this and never got a call back. 

In the meantime, Dale went by the house to repair a few things and said they had already gotten the dog.  I was pretty angry and called her to see what was going on.  She said they were getting rid of the dog because it turns out she is allergic and the people who were taking it were coming the next day to get it. That was 2 weekends ago.

Dale went by the house again last week to finish things and said they still had the dog.  Now I am really upset and am wondering how to handle this.  I really don't like the idea of her lying about this to me...but I really hate liars in general so that would make sense.  I just now wonder if I can trust her at all.  I am wondering if I should call to see if she comes clean, or if I should just call her and tell her to get rid of the damn dog or send us the money.  Better yet, just get rid of the dog cause I don't feel like being nice anymore. 

Give me some advice.

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  1. Ha! Love the click the follow button part ;-)

    Um, from experience, your tenant will probably disappoint you again. I would give them a warning letter (with a highlighted portion of your lease agreement), that says the dog needs to be gone by such and such date, or they will be fined or evicted. Whatever you think, but you know you wouldn't behave that way as a tenant, so don't expect anything less from others! That's YOUR property!