Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rainy with a chance of Meatballs

Last night was date night, as is every Wednesday night.  Since my last post about date night (Read About It Here if you Missed it), we have really been having a lot of fun with it.  We have tried several different happy hours, some we liked, some were busts...but we are having fun.

There is an Ikea right by our house and although neither or us are big fans of the store, their big display board says that Wednesday night is Rib Night.  I have always wanted to try their Swedish Meatballs, and when I saw the sign, I told Steve we should go.  He laughed it off and thought I was kidding, and I sort of was.  That was until Monday night's Chelsea Lately. 
In case you haven't noticed, I have a bit of an obsession with Miss Chelsea Handler.  Not in a break the first commandment of "Do not worship any other gods" sort of way.  Just a, I would like to hang out with her and find her hilariously entertaining and witty, sort of way.  On the show they were discussing Tiger Wood's new girlfriend and how she is 24.  Now, I am no one to talk about an age difference (that would be a little bit of pot calling the kettle black), but she was introduced to Tiger Woods by her father when she was 14 or 16....that is a tad creepy.  One of the comedians on the round table said that it would be less dangerous to introduce your daughter to an actual tiger.  hahahaha  What does this have to do with Ikea?  I'm getting there.  They were also saying that Elin bought a 17,000sq/ft home in Jupiter, FL and that they just picture her at the house making the kids put together a bunch of furniture from Ikea.  (get it...she's Swedish...Ikea's Swedish...)  Then they started talking about Ikea and Chelsea mentioned how much she liked the meatballs there.  Of course, this turned my desire to try them into absolutely-positively-have-to-try-these-things; besides if Chelsea liked them...then they must be awesome.  Told you...obsessed.
Upon looking at the ribs in the cafe, Steve decided rib night was overrated and he would try the meatballs as well.  It was only $3.99 for about 5,000 (OK really only about 10-12) meatballs, potatoes (or mac and cheese if you're Steve), and some cranberry sauce.  SCORE! 

I have to say, the meatballs were good, but I won't be returning just to eat them.  I only got about halfway through my meatballs and was stuffed.  Steve polished his off and then had a few of mine...big mistake.  Since we were there, we decided to walk through the store to burn off our meatballs.  I love how they set up little studio apartments throughout the store...made me miss living in the city.  Anyway, about halfway through the "rat maze" (they wind you through the store so you have to see everything and Steve was getting nervous...he felt like a rat and was not happy), Steve suddenly felt like he had swallowed a brick.  Ut-oh...the meatballs.  I felt fine though which is a good lesson learned: Know When to Say When. 

I ended up getting some new dish rags, a pillow (after much discussion over whether I'm a side sleeper or stomach sleeper...side sleeper it is), and some new plastic cutting boards.  It was nice to look at small desks too because I may end up with a home office depending on how my interview goes tomorrow. 

I definitely felt the effects of the meatballs this morning, but a good date night overall.

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  2. Thank you Holli! Glad to see you found the blog. I LOVE this last one you sent me. You will have to tell me more about these link parties.