Thursday, February 10, 2011

International Date Night

Wednesday night in the Callaway house is Date Night.  We started this when I moved here, and proudly, haven't missed a week yet.  The idea of Date Night quickly became tedious because I am incredibly indecisive and Steve always wanted me to choose where to go.  This resulted in us driving around until we found a restaurant nearby and then had a mediocre meal...thrilling huh?  Last week I told him I wanted to go to happy hour at a sushi restaurant on Washington.  This street has all of the up and coming bars/restaurants so a good time is inevitable.  (We also happened to get married at a place on this street...guess we are trendy.)  After enjoying some great sushi, a couple cocktails, and then watching a movie, we both agreed it was our best date night yet.  All week I was looking forward to the next place on Washington we would try. 

Yesterday Steve mentioned he wanted to go get tacos at this Mexican restaurant his client recommended on LongPoint.  If you know Houston, you know LongPoint is the polar opposite of Washington; one might call it the "Little Mexico" of Houston.  I figured at least the food would be authentic (even though I am completely over Mexican food since 4 of every 5 restaurants in this town is Mexican) and I would have a margarita, so it couldn't be that bad...right?  When I tell you I was afraid to drink the water or eat the ice because I literally felt like I was in Mexico, I am not exaggerating.  We were the only two Gringos in there and hardly anything on the menu was recognizable.  There were bright colored murals all over the walls and signs that I needed a translator for.  At least they had the Mexican version of MTV on so I could catch up on the latest music videos (I need to call DISH to get that channel).  When we tried to order chips and guacamole, we were told they didn't have chips.  A Mexican restaurant with no chips and salsa???  Is that a white people thing?  We both agreed we checked that one off the list and won't be crossing the boarder again any time soon. 

After dinner Steve thought we needed to try to save this date night by going for dessert.  Since it is -47 here, we decided ice cream was out of the question.  We started to do our usual "drive around till we find something that looks good" and found a brand new Italian restaurant right next to our house.  We ventured in and I immediately scheduled this place as the location of our next date night.  The waiter told us the list of desserts and much to my surprise, Steve skipped right over Tiramisu and went for the Mississippi Mud pie.  Huh?  I went with it thinking maybe he knew something I didn't.  Well, he didn't.  The thing was frost-bitten.  Not being the type to send food back, we both nervously giggled when the waiter asked how it was and then confessed it wasn't good.  He quickly whisked it away and brought back a serving of Tiramisu which was DE-LISH!  Add a couple glasses of wine and date night was resurrected!

Although last night was an adventure, I think we will stick to our plan of trying places on Washington...after we go back to the little Italian place, of course.

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  1. if you like pizza, try Candelaris on Washington it is AMAZING! Not exactly date night material, but good pizza is good pizza.
    Also if there's a Nit Noi in your area, the thai food there is so yummy. We were in the Woodlands this past weekend & I just about died when I tasted the chicken curry at Nit Noi its so good!
    And just so I can live my restaurant tasting through you in Houston, do Goode Company BBQ and also Kubo (both on Kirby Drive in town) is my favorite sushi place,