Monday, February 21, 2011

Buddies Out West - The List

When we arrived at Jess' house in Santa Monica, we poured ourselves some wine, broke out the hummus and pita chips (first things first) and composed a list of everything we wanted to accomplish in LA.  I don't remember whose idea this was (I only know it wasn't mine...due to the wine and the aforementioned vodka creative juices were not exactly up to par), but it was the most brilliant one of the trip.  Once we came up with our wish list, which included changing the Hollywood sign to say "W BEV HI 93" like they did in 90210, we figured out a rough schedule of when all of these could be done.  Somehow, my top activity did not make it on the list...maybe due to high lumber costs. 

Here is a picture of the list:

I highly recommend doing something like this on your next vacation.  We didn't feel our trip was being dictated by the list, it was just more of a guideline which helped us do everything we hoped.  All that we missed was Big Deans and the roller coaster on the Santa Monica Pier, and that was because of rain. 

When we would wake up in the morning, Jess would read us what was on the list for the day.  Friday morning, she got really excited and said, "Yes!  We get a nap today!"  The nap was such a success, we threw one in on Saturday too. 

Here are a couple pictures of our first outing to the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica:

Leeetle Dark...
Seesters in Cali 
 So Pretty!
 West Coast Buddies
 Baby Buddy!
 Might be the best picture we have ever taken.
You can see the end of the pier in the background.

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