Friday, February 4, 2011

Ice Storm 2011

So Houston experienced their own "Ice Storm" last night.  What a joke.  The news when I woke up made it sound like there was a major blizzard outside so I was expecting to see my street covered in snow and ice.  Instead, it just looked like it had sprinkled.  The dramatics of the event have been absolutely ridiculous!  I understand they are not prepared for snow and ice down here but seriously...

This is severe weather:

This is not: 

This is a terrible traffic situation:

This is not newsworthy...its called a fender bender:

I feel like making a big deal about our little bit of ice after the Chicago Blizzard is like giving birth to one baby in the hospital next door to Octo-mom delivering her gaggle of children and expecting to receive the same attention.  Yes, what is happening next door is disgusting and you are not jealous seeing as you would never wish it on yourself or anyone you know; and giving birth to one baby is certainly significant...but not quite newsworthy. 

Houston was a ghost town today and the news was screaming to stay home because of the roads.  Hey guys, I have known for a week that we were expecting snow and ice, so I KNOW you have been aware.  Why weren't they out salting the roads last night before the traffic started so people could get to work???

Attention Houstonians: Drive carefully and still go on with your life...the ice won't bite you. 

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