Monday, January 24, 2011

Round 2

On Saturday, Steve and I went looking for our next project.  This time we are looking in North Houston because there are newer homes up there going through foreclosure.  We found a few we really liked but they are government foreclosures so there are a lot of hoops to jump through.  Keep your fingers crossed for us because these homes will only require inside paint, new carpet (or just cleaning in some cases), and that's about it. 

It is raining all day today so I think that will set the flooring guys back a day.  I am so excited to see them when they are finished! 

After we looked at houses, we went to the driving range to hit golf balls.  I am slowly getting better and more consistant.  It is a process but I am being patient.  While I was waiting for Steve to finish, I did a little people watching.  If you have never people watched at a driving range, go do it!  I used to think the mall was the best place to people watch, but I have changed my mind.  After we got in the car, I made Steve sit there with me for a little bit so we could keep watching. 

There was a guy on the far end who was pushing about 400lbs and was hitting 2 balls at a time.  Steve said there is an exercise you can do involving 2 golf balls but you are only supposed to make contact with one.  This guy was clearly doing it wrong. 

Then there was a teenage girl who was doing practice swings that looked great, but when she finally hit the ball (it took her about 5 minutes between each ball), it was a bit disappointing.  Looking the part is half the battle though.

Then there were the two good ole boys drinking beer and attempting to practice their swings.  One guy kept complaining about his back hurting, and by the looks of his swing, I could see why.

There were probably 3 guys out there who seemed to know what they were doing, aside from Steve, so that was refreshing to see. 

Then there were a couple other groups of guys out hitting balls together who were not good at all.  Finally, my favorite guy, was this man who was about 6'8" and appeared to be using a youth size golf club.  He could have been on his knees and then maybe it would have been the right size. 

Ahhhhh...good times.  I feel like I can people watch because I'm sure a few people have gotten a kick out of my attempts. 

If I am going to take this whole golfing thing seriously, I am going to need the appropriate attire.  Here are some outfits I think would be functional and classy:


Seriously though, if I am going to dress the part, I should proably wear Callaway.  Here are some outfits that are cute:  Cute Callaway Clothes    I'm glad I get new clothes with this sport!

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