Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quick update...

So I am running into a predicament which is that the house is almost complete, so I am soon going to run out of things to write about.  So...I decided that until we buy a new house, I will share with you my observations throughout the day, or whatever pops into my head....hold on tight.

Latest update on the house though, since I know you are all DYING to know:
I met with the flooring guys yesterday and was immediately impressed.  The owner of the company came by to introduce me to the project superintendent, Victor, and his co-worker, Pablo, and to make sure I was comfortable with everything.  Ray, the owner, basically prepared me for the absolute worst, which is very smart because my expectations are at a point where if they finish on time I will be impressed, and if something goes wrong, I am prepared for it.  This is sales 101 but no one has ever gone into this great of detail with me, and I truly appreciate it.  I pointed out to Ray a place on the floor where there was obviously a big leak and he said the wood was rotten and would need to be replaced.  He also had Victor sand one of the pet stains to see what happened.  With a little darker stain the spot really wasn't as noticeable and this was before they even tried to bleach it. 

Last night I got a call from Ray around 7:30 and he asked me to swing by the house today because they had bleached an area of the floor and wanted me to look at it as well as pick out a stain color before they moved forward.  The bleach made a world of difference.  He stained the bleached area with a medium brown stain and you could barely see the pet spot.  I gave him the go ahead to finish the room.  We are SO relieved that the entire house can be hardwoods.  Even better news is that after Victor sanded the spot where the water damage was, he realized the wood was not rotten and wouldn't have to be replaced after all.  That saves some money. 

In the meantime, I received a phone call from my very well-meaning, slightly nosey, neighbor with the boat in her yard saying that some guys were at the house working on the floors and she wanted to make sure they were supposed to be there.  Also, that the For Rent sign had disappeared and wanted me to know in case it was stolen.  My theory:  she wanted to know if I had rented the place and who I had rented it to.  I asked Victor and Pablo today if they had been visited by the neighbor and they laughed saying 'yes' and that a second neighbor had come by also.  I told them not to worry about them and that they are just nosey.  This got another laugh which made me like them even more...I like people who think I'm funny and they haven't even heard my good jokes yet.  I went to the neighbors' homes and told them thank you for the look out but that if in the future, someone were to break in and decided to do some work on the house, leave them alone and let them finish!  Boat lady seemed shocked, to say the least, that we had rented the place.  Maybe she thought her dirty house and yard full of cars and boats would have been enough of a deterrent.  Sorry lady, our house is just that great that people are willing to overlook your house!
In honor of my hard-working flooring refinishers, today's shout out goes to them:

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