Thursday, January 20, 2011

Don't Turn Around

Driving in Houston is a very 'interesting' experience.  I think the city planners here used to be stunt drivers because I feel like I need a fire retardant suit and a helmet every time I get out on the roads.  The easiest way to get around town is on one of the many interstates that cuts through and circles around town, and every interstate has one-way frontage roads that run along each side of it.  This is OK except for when you are getting off the interstate and need to take a right at your next light (like I do everyday coming home) because you must cut across the 3 lanes of the frontage road traffic from the exit ramp in about a 75 yard straightaway, and half of the cars on the frontage road need to make a left.  It is a constant bob and weave but people are sometimes courteous and let you in. 
Well, today was different.  There was a car getting off the interstate today who decided he wanted to go around me before we got to the light where we were both turning right.  This was a problem because a) only one car fits in a lane at a time and b) we only have about 20 yards left to negotiate this.  The good thing for me is that my Durango is about twice the size of his Ford Fusion.  I let him in because I didn't want to damage my car, but when I pulled up behind him, I was sure to lay on the horn (and I never honk because I think it's rude). 
After we made the turn, hotshot in his sweet ride, hauled butt through a residential neighborhood.  Sometimes there are cops hanging out and I was praying one would nab this joker.  Instead, he hit the first red light and I pulled up along side of him (which I loved because it proved that his speeding did nothing for him) to find that he was jamming out...head bob and his radio.  You will never believe what he was listening to.  Guess.  You'll never guess it.  OK, I'll tell you.  He was having the time of his life to "Don't Turn Around" by the talented 90s pop sensation, Ace of Base. 
After I had a good chuckle at his ridiculousness, I decided all's forgiven.  Anyone who can still enjoy Ace of Base that much must be an amazing person.  A classic like that tune lives on forever.

Here's to you Ford Fusion Speed Demon:

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