Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What kind of a day care am I running here?

If you have spent much time around kids, then you know the look/actions of mischief about to happen.  My nephew (one of the two cutest boys in the world) would get pretty quiet and get this look of suspicious innocence as he moved "supplies" to his latest "project" piece by piece so as to not raise suspicion.  If you know what's good for you, while this is taking place, you go check out what is going on before you end up with half of your house burned down.  Well, that was happening tonight in my house...only there is no toddler present, just a 47 year old man....same difference. 

As of yesterday, we cleared out one of our guest bedrooms (mostly because I HATED the furniture that was in there) and now Steve's mind has been reeling with what we could put in there.  The phrase "Man Cave" has come up several times but I explain that we have an entire 3rd floor that we never use so that would be a perfect cave for him.  Then there was the idea of a work out room.  Great idea in concept but the only exercise equipment we have are dumbbells and an ab roller.  I told him that doesn't really make sense unless we bought a treadmill or something. 

Well, tonight he had a revelation.  For months I have been parking on top of his net he hits golf balls into when he doesn't want to go to the driving range.  Well, he decided it would fit perfectly in that room.  There was a lot of noise coming from upstairs as he assembled the net and then came down very proud of himself.  I questioned him about where in the room the net is placed because I am afraid of balls hitting the wall (wouldn't that be cute?) and curious I'm if that room can be used for anything else now.  He assured me the golf balls would never hit the wall. 

The next step was to take his clubs up there and try it out.  Apparently he forgot to close one of the pockets on his golf bag though because when he was about half-way up the stairs, I heard the noise of about 10 golf balls bouncing down the stairs and on to the hardwoods.  I made a comment and got no response, then turned around to find him sneaking around trying to pick them up.  As if I didn't hear them!?!?!

Now he is up there trying it out and I am afraid to go look.  I am hearing 2 loud noises.  I figure the first is him making contact with the ball, but am very nervous about what the second sound is. 

If there are holes in the wall upstairs....he's grounded!
Seriously?  I guess that answers one of my questions!

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  1. This made my night. We all need to hang out soon :-)