Monday, February 28, 2011

Buddies Out West: You know you've made it when you can blow off LeBron...

I'd like to take a quick moment to apologize for the delay between postings.  We have been very busy over here.

Back to our trip:

If you remember back to our list, after Chelsea Lately, the LeBron James Party was scheduled.  The 3 of us being the celebrity-obsessed ladies we are, were very excited to attend this party.  With the NBA All-Star game in town, we were sure the party would be chalk-full of athletes and celebs.  Buddy and I packed dresses for the occasion and everything. 

The day before the trip, I asked Buddy if she had any idea what the point of the party was.  Apparently, LeBron has created a cartoon called The LeBron's and this was the screening for the party.  My interested faded slightly, but I was still excited at the prospect of many celeb spottings. 

After the excitement of seeing not one, but TWO Chelsea Lately tapings, we were exhausted!  All of that screaming, cheering, and the heart racing induced by meeting your personal idol, can wear a girl out.  (By the way, did anyone see us when the episodes aired???  I have already been signing autographs!  This girl got some serious face time at the end.)  We rushed back to the house and got ready to head to LeBron's.  Spectators would have quickly picked up on our exhaustion as we were all whiny, grumpy, and self deprecating.  I have never felt so fat and ugly in my entire life.  Part of that may have been caused by current physical state, but most of it was sheer exhaustion.  To top it all off, we were running very late, and having never been to an event like this, were unsure as to how late is fashionably late, and how late is just rude.  We were "ready," walked downstairs, looked at each other, and quickly decided this was a terrible idea.  How would we be able to do our best celebrity-mingling when we were self conscious, tired, and miserable?  We walked ourselves right back upstairs, put on more comfortable clothing, and decided to just go to the bar. 

After our 14.7 mile walk in -47 degree weather to the first bar, we enjoyed some yummy Mexican beverages, were assaulted by a drunk girl wandering around asking to grab every girl in the bar's tatas, and headed to another bar.  Our second stop was a place called Bar Food that only serves beer, wine and high end whiskey.  This place was great.  We enjoyed a few glasses of wine, made the bartender take our picture, and headed to our next stop.   
The next place was called South and, lucky us, it was Karaoke Night.  We did not sing, but instead had a few too many drinks and stuffed our faces.  This place had the most amazing gourmet grilled cheese, delicious fried pickles, and the hottest chicken fingers with every single dipping sauce they have (per Buddy's request). 
All in all, a great night.  Surry LeBron, that we couldn't contribute to your evening.  Hope the cartoon was a hit.

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