Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Buddies Out West: Today was a big day...

Friday was, by far, the busiest day we had in Cali.  If you don't believe me, refer to the list. 

We got up that day and headed to The Grove to see if we could spot any celebs.  Have I mentioned yet that it was FREEZING in LA?  Not that we are sissies, but it was in the 50s all weekend and we packed for 70s...at least.  While at The Grove bought a jacket so I wouldn't return home with severe frostbite.  My blazer (check out every one of my pictures and see if you find something in common...) was not cutting it anymore. 

After the emergency shopping trip, we walked through the farmers market to find something to eat.  The diner we ate at boasted "The Best Pancakes in the USA."  Man vs. Food had been there so I decided to try them out.  They were good, but not quite the best in the USA.  It reminded us of in Elf when he discovers the World's Best Cup of Coffee.  Congratulations! 

After seeing ZERO celebs, loaded up and drove down Rodeo Dr and then to Sprinkles Cupcakes.  The place was packed!  A line of at least 8 people was constant and half of the people were waiting outside of the tiny shop.  They were pretty delicious.  Not sure they deserve all the attention they have gotten, but I have never really met a cupcake I didn't like.  The best part was the presentation:
We loaded back up and headed to Hollywood.  I didn't really feel the need to walk the stars, but was told I couldn't come to LA and not do it.  So, we parked for an hour and walked up and down Hollywood Blvd.  While walking we decided it might be fun to check out Madam Tussauds' Wax Museum.  Right as we were deciding to do that, someone approached us and asked if we were interested in 1/2 off to the Wax Museum, "well, don't mind if we do!"

I told you this was a busy day.  We ran into many celebs and did some pretty exciting things.  Here are a few of the pics we took:
First we checked in with Britney to see how she was doing.  Yes, she's releasing a new album, but things were pretty touch and go there for awhile.
Next, Jess had a quick coffee date with Justin.  It was really nice of her to let us tag along and I'm glad Justin dressed up for the occasion.  Just wish Jess would have taken it a bit more seriously.  I bet Jessica Biel dresses up for him...
The girls were patient while I stopped by Conan to help him tape his show.  At first I was a little put out by him asking for my help, but I chose to be flattered and did my best. 
Then I met up with Simon at his house to watch American Idol and see how we thought the new judges were doing.  He really valued my opinion.  I believe this exact picture was taken while Buddy was auditioning for him though....didn't go so well...
After Simon's we ran by a coffee shop so Buddy could chat with Audrey.  It was very classy and she forgave Buddy for forgetting her pearls.
Buddies on a Camel!  If the ladies from Sex and the City can do it, so can we!
The Duke asked me to come by to catch up.  He and my dad go way back.
Next I joined Lance for a quick bike race.  He really tried in the end, but I still beat him by at least 2 bike lengths.  I thought he would be bigger competition.
Buddy walked in during an awkward moment.  Being the sucker for peer presser that I am, he got me to mess around with him by saying, "Everyone's doing it."  Now I need to call Gloria Allred.
There were some problems with authority over at the USS Enterprise, so we had to make a quick stop to help smooth everything out.  You'd think after all this time they could figure it out for themselves. 
Buddy then had a quick makeout session with Leo.  It got a little raunchy for a little bit there.
While Buddy was busy, Jess had a quick talk with GaGa.  I would have loved to have heard that conversation.  Maybe they talked about the fact that she looks like she has mold growing on her...
Randomly, we saw Forrest Gump sitting on a bus stop, so Jess stopped to ask him for some of his chocolate and instead had to hear a bunch of stories.  Buddy and I took off....
We ended up at  McKinley High School to help Sue Sylvester with the next Cheerio's routine.  I thought they were in Ohio; my mistake.

...Like I said, it was busy.

We then ventured up Laurel Canyon Blvd and Mulholland Dr in search of the Hollywood sign.  I couldn't imagine making that drive on a daily basis.  How do people live up there?????  This is as close as we got:
Downtown from the lookout. 
Would look so much better if I had gotten my hands on it... 
It started raining or I would have previewed the picture and noticed that my eyes are closed and I am holding my stomach like I am expecting.

After our big day we all were really looking forward to nap time.  Buddy found the Tapas restaurant we were going to for dinner on Yelp.com.  While getting ready, she announced that all of the reviews said the food is great but there is no bathroom.  Excuse me????  Is that legal????  After she told me that, I immediately became nervous, just knowing that I would have to potty as soon as we got to the place with no bathrooms.  That was too stressful for me...

The restaurant had about 8 tables in it, and they were tiny.  I could see why there was no bathroom; there wasn't even room for full-sized tables.  The reviews were right though and the food was excellent.  This was Jess' first time with Tapas and she really seemed to like it all.  It was BYOB also, so our new bestie, Zippy, from the wine store suggested a couple bottles for us.
My curiosity about the bathroom situation was killing me and so I was begging Buddy to go ask to where it was.  She finally went and they handed her a wrench with a key attached (yes, I just said wrench) and walked her out the front door to give her directions.  Jess and I were dying because we just knew she was saying, "OK, go down to the light and take a right, at the second stop sign, hang a left and it will be the third door on the right."  When Buddy came back, she insisted that we experience this, and so we played dumb and went through the entire routine of retrieving the wrench and then getting directions.  Turns out, it was only about 3 doors away in a stairwell that led to the apartments that we above the stores.  There was a bathroom in the lobby.  Such an experience. 

After dinner, we went home and collapsed. 

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