Monday, March 7, 2011

Buddies Out West: The Lunar Module

All weekend, Jess was the perfect chauffeur to Buddy and I.  The only real problem was that her car is about the size of a lunar module.  You see, Jess drives, her dream car, a very sporty Mitsubishi Eclipse.
With me being 5'11", I'm sure you can imagine how I fit.  Buddy's first thought when Jess picked us up from the airport was, "Oh man!  I'm gonna have to ride in the backseat the entire weekend, aren't I?"  Feeling bad for her, I told her we could take turns. 

There were several reasons why this was not the right car for me.  First, take a look at the back window.  The angle at which it is positioned prohibited me from sitting up straight or my head would hit the window.  At the beginning of one of my turns in back, Buddy slammed the hatchback and nearly took my head off.  Thank goodness I was already slouching or I may have suffered a concussion.  There was some force behind her.

Second, take a glance at the back side window.  Look closely, it's the little triangle.  Not exactly the best window for sightseeing.  During my trips in the back, I would look out the back window to try to catch what the girls up front had just seen.  It reminded me of the station wagons with the back seat that faced out the back window from when I was a kid.  Only problem is, watching things out the back window makes me a leeeetle car sick.  We referred to this window as the port hole.
The third and most important reason that this car didn't really work for me, is that my daddy long legs don't exactly fit.

I'll be sending Jess the bills from my chiropractor.  Sure wish her dream car had been a SUV...

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