Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Island Time: I didn't want to see that!

Day 2 started off with a delicious breakfast.  The hotel has a buffet every morning with everything you could possibly imagine, including eggs/omelets cooked to order.  Thankfully, Tom James gave us coupons for each morning we were there or we would have had to pay the $15 bill that came along with it.  Knowing me, I would have felt like I had to eat more because of how much it was...and no one wants to see the effects of that in a bathing suit. 

After breakfast, our friend Bill decided he wanted to rent a car and we could all go to another beach on the island called Orient Beach.  We were told there is great people watching there and if you bought a chair at a certain beach club, they gave you a free rum runner.  While Bill was renting the car, Jacques, Barb, Steve and myself decided we would sign up for the time share presentation so we could get the $100 hotel credit.  We really didn't want to give up an hour and a half of our day but the saleswoman told us that if we came at the end of the day, the presentation would be shorter because they want to go home.  Barb and I filled out the paperwork and when they asked for our occupations, we wrote "Trophy Wife."  Why they still let us take the tour with everything else we wrote on the application is beyond me; we clearly weren't serious. 

We piled in our rental Hyundai and headed to the beach.  The map we were given had landmarks written on it like, "go up the hill" "turn left at the wall" and my personal favorite, "turn right at the fruit ladies".  Needless to say, we had to make a few U-turns.  With all of the weaving roads and hills, I found myself completely car sick and wanted to kiss the ground when we got out of the car.  The beach was worth it though.

Once we found the place with the free drinks if you buy the chair, we settled in and ordered some more Presidente.  This beach had 2 parts.  The first part is where we were with the chairs for rent, waiters on the beach, and tons of ladies walking around selling the same dresses, necklaces, anklets, and hats.  The other side is the nude beach.  The men were very intrigued by the nude beach and really wanted to go check it out.  We walked down to the boarder of the beaches which is marked by a strip of large rocks.  Let me just tell you that the other side of the rocks is VERY bad. 

I tried to explain to the guys that the people who hang out on nude beaches are normally the type of people you do not want to see naked.  They didn't believe me.  Well, it seems that this beach has a minimum age limit of about 70 and I believe a minimum weight limit too.  I have always said that if people would just listen to me, their lives would be much better.  Well, once again, they had to learn the hard way.  As we walked down the beach (we only made it about 25 yards before having to turn around), the guys were giggling like 14 year olds and Barb and I felt like we were at the zoo observing nudists in their natural environment.  Since it was St. Patrick's Day, some of the women had 4 leaf clover stickers on their tatas and one 80 year old man had a green lay on.  At least they made an effort. 

There was a guy selling his reggae CD on the beach and he quickly lost his sale when he thought Steve and Barb were my parents.  No matter how many times we told him Steve and I were married and Barb was married to Jacques, he didn't believe me and said I was funny and guessed I got it from my parents.  Seriously????

We spent the rest of the day eating, drinking, laying out and swimming.  Here are some pictures:

When we got back to the hotel, we had our time share presentation which was going fine at first, but the guy tried to keep us for the entire 90 minutes, so Barb told them we were lied to and we got our $100 and got out in about an hour.  They actually had us roped in for a little bit but once they started talking numbers, Steve decided it didn't make sense.  That could have been an expensive afternoon.

Tom James hosted a dinner for us that night and had 3 different buffets.  A sushi bar, a custom pasta bar, and a custom taco/quesadilla bar.  Pretty delish. 

After dinner we went back to Jacques and Barb's room to enjoy the bottles we bought and had a lot of fun just chatting and laughing.  Pretty fun day.

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