Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'm never leaving the house on a Saturday again.

Today I ventured to Babies R Us to add some final things to my registry (like sheets and things that you need to feel first) and to look at cribs, dressers and gliders.  What in the world have I gotten myself into???

The place was PACKED.  I was initially shocked by the very full parking lot and quickly regretted my decision to plan this outing on a Saturday.  (Note to self: Babies R Us is a Monday-Friday establishment from now on.)

The other part of the outing that stressed me out was the complete disorganization of the store.  Maybe it's like your first time to a new grocery store where nothing is where you think it should be, but I spent 90% of my time roaming around by myself like a little girl who lost her mom.  What I would have paid to have had my mom or a good friend with me who is in possession of a fully functioning brain...this pregnancy brain thing is killing me.  It also didn't help that I hadn't eaten anything yet and so my body was screaming for nourishment. 

I printed my registry when I got there, so I could look at and feel the items I had chosen, and immediately felt inadequate.  Some of the registries people were carrying around were over 10 pages long.  Mine was only 3 1/2.  My kid is neglected already!  A decision has been made in this house though that we will not resign ourselves to living in a toy store just because we have kid; besides, what kid needs that many toys and gadgets anyway?  I registered for the items my mommy friends said I absolutely CANNOT live without, and am leaving it at that.  Besides, I don't want to be greedy and have a 50 page registry. 

Then they handed me the scanner.  I registered for both my wedding and baby online and had never felt the power of the scanner before.  This thing makes registering much too easy.  Now I see how those lists get so long.  Impulsive buyer's dream!  You see something you even halfway like, scan the sucker and hope someone will buy it for you.  After a few minutes, the blood returned to my head, I found the delete button and undid some of my scanning.  Here was my thought: sure this is cute but I don't really want it and if someone got me this over something I really wanted I would have to come buy the item I really wanted on my own which would in turn just cost me money and then I would be stuck with this item I didn't really want and would feel a pang of regret and guilt every time I saw it because I would know I didn't really want it and someone wasted their money on it.  Did I mention I hadn't eaten yet?

The scanner gets you things like this:

After roaming around for a little bit, hungry, lost, and wanting my mommy, I turned in the scanner before tears started to form (although I'm sure I wouldn't be the first pregnant person to curl up in the fetal position and cry in Babies R Us because she was lost, confused, and overwhelmed) and decided I will drag Steve back tomorrow so I can feel safe and he can make all of the decisions.  Guess I will have to make another exception to my Monday-Friday rule. 

So my mommy friends who haven't given me their input already, here is my registry....did I forget anything that you really couldn't live without?  A follow-up question: is there anything I registered for that you think is a great big waste?  I'm not posting my registry because I am fishing for gifts....however, if you would like to make a donation to my child's life, I won't turn anything away.  hehe   It's under my name: Kristi Callaway, Houston, TX

A friend is giving me her changing pad and 2 covers for it so I didn't forget those, and another is selling me her breast pump, so I didn't forget that either. 

My other dilemma is that I want people to feel free to give me LOTS and LOTS of diapers, but my shower is going to be in Florida and I live in Texas.  Does anyone know of a way people could give me a Pampers gift card (do they sell those?  They aren't on the website) or diapers of any sort without having to buy me just a Babies R Us gift card?  I would hate to have to go all the way over there when I need diapers.  All of my other gifts will be shipped here, so I will have to be sure to tip my UPS man.

Now I am watching the Gator game and I may still end up in the fetal position crying if things continue to go this way.  Come on boys, I don't necessarily expect a win since our 3rd string quarterback is starting and this is his first time even playing in a college football game, but let's score at least a couple times just for good measure. 

Go Gators!

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  1. Hey girl, maybe folks can use this website and they'll ship the diapers to you!