Saturday, October 15, 2011

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I am in serious nesting mode.  This last week I have been blessed with a sudden burst of energy, so I dusted off the 'ole tool belt and am taking FULL advantage of it setting up the baby's room.  On Wednesday, I put together the crib (it was comical watching me carry each piece up the stairs one by one because the box was too heavy to carry by myself).  On Thursday, I bought a bookshelf, rug, baskets, paint and crib mattress, then put the bookshelf together.  Yesterday, I taped the baseboards, crown molding, door frames, etc and then painted all of the trim in the room.  Today, I rolled the walls, put the furniture back in it's place, and planned what else I need to buy.

My original plan for today was that Steve would help me paint, but that was just silly I guess.  Instead, Steve watched football all day while I painted.  In all fairness, I did have him run to Home Depot to buy another gallon of paint before the first game started this he contributed. 

When he got back from Home Depot, I was feeling light headed because I hadn't eaten yet and had painted 3/4 of the room, so he made me a sandwich.  As he closed the door behind him after bringing me the sandwich, he said these encouraging, thoughtful and loving words: "Don't come out till you're done."  Be still my heart.

He also came in later to inspect my work and give me pointers of how I could be doing things different/better, to which I just smiled, said thank you and then waited for him to get OUT of the room.  He said every family needed a hard worker and he was glad that person in this family was me.  I told him to keep bringing home the bacon and cooking it up and I have no problem doing things like this.  We don't have gender roles in this house in case you couldn't tell. 

So here is the room so far:
Steve chose the wall color.  I was torn between blue and green but he liked the blue.  I really like it, especially when the sunlight is coming into the room.  To the right of the crib, under the window, I will put the glider/chair with a bright colored pillow as soon as I find one I like.  The rug is from Target and is a really soft shag rug.  I just want to roll around on it.

I figure the TV will come in handy during midnight feedings.  Tomorrow I will go pick up one more basket to put on the bottom middle shelf and then the other 5 shelves can house all of the books I plan to buy.  My son will be a learn-ed boy.

This wall will be the home to the dresser and changing table.  My original plan was to buy a long dresser and just use the top as a changing table, but I can't find a long one I like, and this crib has a matching tall dresser and changing table.  I will probably just buy those because they aren't expensive and we can invest in nicer furniture for him when he gets a little older.  We are now kicking ourselves though (well, at least I am) because I wish I had ordered those items during the Columbus Day sale when I bought the crib.  I'm going to hold off on buying them in hopes that there will be a good door buster sale or another special of some kind.  Also on this wall, probably in between the dresser and table, I am going to put this wall decal:
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I ordered it in brown with white birds and will put 3 shelves on the 3 branches.

I know I want to buy a big mirror to go somewhere (maybe over the crib) and so I don't know what else I will need for the walls.  So that it's not completely monochromatic, I think I will also incorporate a bright color.  The orange in the picture above looks really cute, and we all know how beautifully Orange and Blue go together...

Steve left to go fishing with his uncle and he asked what I was going to do without him.  Of course, I am going to do what I always do when he isn't home; eat junk food, watch TV, read, and go to bed early.  So, I am eating Taco Bell and watching the Gator game.  It's my turn for football!

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