Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just a little dry run...

I woke up Monday experiencing a lot of cramping in my lower abdomen.  After having lunch and still not feeling any better, I came home to relax and see if maybe the little guy was just in a bad spot and needed to move, but I still didn't feel any better.  While making dinner, I was doubled over in pain and decided to google my symptoms to see if this was anything to be worried about.  (note: all of the books say cramping OR spotting are not a problem but cramping AND spotting are something to worry about...I had no spotting so just kept ignoring it...but 8 hours is a long time to ignore something.)  After typing in "lower abdominal cramps third trimester", I discovered that menstrual type cramps are a sign of pre-term labor.  Ahhhh what???  I then called the on call doctor from my doctor's practice and she suggested that I come down to labor and delivery to be monitored and checked for pre-term labor. 

Steve and I were planning to do the hospital tour so we would know where to go on the big day and not have that stress hanging over our heads, but we hadn't done it yet so we were flying blind.  We got up to labor and delivery though, and they had a room waiting for me - talk about service!  I was hooked up to 2 monitors (one for him and one for me) and they immediately saw the cramps, which they refered to as small contractions, that were occuring every 2 minutes.  They ran a few tests and after 3 hours, they decided I was not in pre-term labor, but they think I may have kidney or bladder stones and my body was trying to fight that off and started contracting in an attempt to get all foreign things out of my body.  Did my body just call my baby foreign????  Rude!

They gave me a shot to stop the contractions and waited about 30 more minutes to see if it worked.  I was also told that I need to drink a lot more water (4-5 of the cups they gave me a day).  The cramps/contractions were really weak at the end of the 30 minutes, so they sent me home. 
I went to the hospital and all I got was this cup.

The baby did not enjoy this occasion very much.  He kicked the crap out of the monitors for all 3 1/2 hours...guess he wanted those things to go away.

Here is silver lining to this event:  We now don't have to do the tour and have made a list of things to remember to take for the big day.  My list includes, my glasses, computer, my own pillow, and maybe a blanket.  Steve's includes an air mattress (I don't think he liked the husband chair), but I will not allow "the Clampets visit the hospital" to take place. 

I had a doctor's appointment the following day and after double checking everything, she wasn't worried and said that if I start to show signs to kidney stones to give her a call.  Glad there was no real emergency....he just wanted a little attention. 

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