Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The final countdown

I had a 31 week check-up today and everything looks fantastic.  The doctor said I am measuring perfectly and I have only gained 21 lbs.  If I can stick to 1 lb a week, I will stay within my 30 lb goal.  (I suggested to Steve that we start going on evening walks just to help my cause.) 

There was one alarming thing at the appointment though....when the nurse checked his heartbeat she said, "154" like it was a great thing.  Then she started to laugh and said, "Most babies heart rates slow down as they get bigger, but apparently not for this guy.  You have a hyper one in there."  Oh. Dear. Lord. Help. Me.

I'm hoping that maybe since I go every two weeks that she thinks I'm further along than I am (we will choose to ignore that she had just finished updating my chart complete with the stat: 31 weeks 1 day).  Steve thinks it may be the extreme amount of sweets I am eating that is keeping his heart rate up.  That can't possibly be it!

Speaking of sweets...I have never been a dessert person.  I am a savory and salty eater.  Give me some potato chips or a Thanksgiving dinner and I will not come up for air until it is gone.  (Steve saw the seriousness of this shortly after we got engaged and he took me out for Alaskan King Crab legs...he said he had never seen me that way and would have skipped the diamond and proposed with those if he had known this about me.)  But, give me a cookie, and I am normally good after one.  That was, until I got pregnant.  Now, I am baking constantly and buying donuts, pop tarts, and cakes every time I go to the grocery store.  That and ranch dressing....I would bathe in the stuff if it wouldn't make me smell after a few hours.

I am at that lovely stage where he moves a ton at night (my stomach is contorting into weird shapes as we speak) so I'm not sleeping great, and then I wake up to him hosting the World Cup in my belly.  It's funny how we wait to feel that first movement and are amazed for a few weeks...maybe even a few months...and then by the end we would give anything for a little stillness.  I know, I know....I haven't seen movement yet.

9 weeks to go.  Kinda scary and exciting at the same time.  Steve is starting to see the enormity of how our lives are about to change....I'm not sure I'm ready.  Are we ever ready???

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  1. Aww you'll do great! And I like salt, too. Then cake and icecream became a main course after Parker. What the heck?! :) You look great, Kristi!